Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gameday Briefing / Open Thread - East meets West Edition

All the SEC in-conference games today feature West Division teams playing at East Division teams: Bama at UK, Ole Miss at Vandy, LSU at UGA and Auburn at UT.  I'd be surprised if this happens very often.  I looked back at my picks, and I've predicted the road West teams to win all the matchups.  In retrospect, that probably will not happen. Don’t forget to check out our picks and make your own in the comments.

Now, to get your gameday started right, here's a handy compendium of this week's wit and wisdom from King Football. All the info you want, with none of the annoying Corso and Herbstreit you don't.

In non-SEC news, I went with the fam (parents, wife and kids) to the Hoover-Spain Park game last night.

Also, a look inside Tebow’s concussed head.

Both Max Power and Chuck Visor were in Columbia last Thursday to see the Cocks upset Nutt’s team, as Chuck predicted. We liveblogged the game. Max took his team’s loss like a man.

Chuck is in Columbia today, looking forward to the SC State band's performance.

Max is in Nashville today to watch his team take on Vandy, and he's not counting it an automatic win.

Speaking of Vandy, after predicting his team would not only struggle against, but actually lose to, Rice, Woody Widenhoefer is back on the bandwagon, dreaming of a bowl game and predicting a win over Ole Miss.

Carter Slade witnessed Bama’s disemboweling of Arky live from the luxury boxes, while his dad, sister and brother-in-law got rained on in the stands with the peons. As Carter predicted, Bama won big.  Carter predicts another big win over UK today.

A bit of point-counterpoint between Herschel Talker and Dick C'est Bon, partisans of teams that both have struggled and both have something to prove today.  Herschel's heart can take all these close games his 'dawgs are in.  Dick has confidence in The Hat's coaching acumen.

If losing by only ten to Florida was something of a victory, Full Monte Kiffin asks if barely beating the Ohio Bobcats should be considered something of a loss.  All that's in the past, as Monte expects a close win against Auburn today.

Brocktoon and I went to Auburn last Saturday to get rained on and watch the Tigers flail around against Ball State, which had Brock cussin' the Tiger D.  Brock uses (what else?) math to predict an Auburn win on Rocky Top today.

Now, leave your gametime musings, obscenities, taunts and wisecracks in the comments below.  I promise to be more active today, since I won't be on the road.


  1. Dartmouth snaps the ball over the punter's head. Quakers recover for a TD and lead 7-0 early.

  2. Bama finally got it going at the end of the 2nd quarter - a 97 yard drive for TD plus a fumble recovery for TD. Up 21-6 on the Bluegrass Wildcats.

  3. OK, ACC, it was funny to be a little inconsistent at first, but this is ridiculous. Clemson lost to Maryland? UNC lost to Virginia? Va Tech can't cover against Duke? Being the best team in this conference is like being the prettiest girl at Radcliffe.

  4. UGA is lucky to still be in this game. LSU dominated the first half but didn't score many points.

  5. ^LSU is killing me. This should be 21-0.

  6. excessive celebration is the dumbest penalty in college football

  7. Today - Auburn:LSU::Tennessee:Georgia

  8. In other news, Eric Berry checks under his bed every night for Ben Tate before going to sleep...

    Some say everything is bigger in Texas. Well Jerry Jones has made quite a big home for Razorback Fans in a new castle outside Arkansas' walls. He may have also awoken a sleeping giant that few outside of Arkansas and Texas truly remember. Arkansas destroyed Texas A&M and reminded Texas recruits why the SEC dominates the Little 12. And every recruit was reminded of what college football means to a fan base that has never left its team's side. The 12th man for the Aggies dwarfs in comparison to a giant collective slop yard of wild rabid Arkansans calling the hawgs. And this was no ordinary hog call. The sounds of "WOO PIG" began to echo back to a long forgotten era - an era that plucks at the heartstrings of an entire generation of fans - fans that still remember. They remember a time when the entire state of Arkansas conceived one collective identity. They remember the birth and rise of Hog Nation. They remember when every pastor prayed for an Arkansas victory and when the "A" section in both the Gazette and Democrat was reserved for "Arkansas Football." They remember when every Arkansan bled Razorback Red and when War Memorial Stadium stood as a living monument to a call that struck fear into every locker room around the nation. Yes, Jerry Jones and Frank Broyles may have masterminded the perfect plot to resuscitate the colossal giant that lived in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Let it be known that it was on a rainy day in Dallas when this titan of the past awoke and wiped two decades of sleep out of dried up eyes. In perfect HD on the nation's largest television, we all become witnesses as this giant began seeing clearly for the first time in twenty years. Flashes of the past recalled a time of football superiority and domination. For you non-hawg fans, check the winning percentage for 1954-1989. Arkansas was ranked 9th (ahead of the long horns) and had only 2 losing seasons (1958, 1967) over this 36 year span. Since then (1990-2008) the Razorbacks have had the 54th best winning percentage and have been corralled in a trough of despair. No wonder Hog fans want to go back to the good ol' days - the days of the old South Western Conference. Let us hope that history finally repeats itself. Let us hope that the new South Western Classic becomes the dawn of a new age - an age when an old giant rises to new heights. Some say everything is bigger in Texas. Well that's hawg-wash. The Giant of Giants lives in Arkansas. - HUNTMAN

  10. Dude. It was A&M!

    And I think Clemson, Washington and Iowa fans, athiests and Lehman quants bleed that color.

  11. Okay... I'm no longer on my "Remember the Titan" soapbox, but AR is geographically the odd man out when it comes to the SEC (or the Big 12 North for those idiots that think AR should switch conferences). What AR should do is add Techas Tech, Missouri, and Oklahoma State to their Texas A&M schedule. Forget that the SEC headquarters is in Birmingham. The new headquarters for Southern Football could be in Little Rock. AR may lose one of these Big 12 games each year (and would certainly have a few more injuries), but every game would be fun to watch. SEC fans should rejoice at this idea. What better way to show off the conference, then to have AR demolish all the same teams Texas and Oklahoma repeatedly take down to the wire.