Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ole Ball Coach v. Ole Miss

As I ponder tonight's matchup between U.S.C. and #4 ranked Ole Miss in Columbia, I realize that I have not seen a visor toss yet this season. Maybe there have been tosses thus far. Maybe I could be rightfully accused of not watching Coach very closely during some stretches of the game. But, as I think back, we only have a few turnovers and none of them were really really mind-blowingly bad. Also, we only have a couple of costly penalties, and even in some of those there was some good to take away from it. For example, when we had a long touchdown pass and catch taken away because of an illegal formation against Georgia. Sure, it took 6 points off the board, but the catch ... on the road ... by a freshman receiver was a pretty nice confidence booster for receiver, quarterback, and coach.
As for tonight's matchup, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Chucked Visor or two. However, I don't really know what we are up against. Sure, Ole Miss is the last team to beat Team Tebow. But, they haven't played anybody THIS season. That is both good and bad going into tonight. As my estemed colleague pointed out, the Gamecocks have seen about a page and a half of Mississippi's playbook so far. Thus, we have nothing on tape from this season to gameplan against. On the other hand, the Gamecocks have played on national TV already this year. We have played at NC State and, even better, at Georgia. This is the biggest game of the three, but it's not our only rodeo so far like it will be for Ole Miss.
I anticipate a close game, some big defensive plays on both sides of the ball, a visor chuck or two, and some come-from-behind tailgating (report will follow the game recap). Final Score: 35-28 (because I am a homer) Gamecocks!

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  1. What? No liveblogging from tailgating? Still at the fair grounds this year?