Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gauntlet - SEC schedule 2009

This is why the SEC is the best conference in football. Week in and week out they have to play each other - well, except when they play Western Kentucky and FIU and Charleston Southern - but that's because quality opponents are afraid to play us out of conference (ahem, Oklahoma State, UCLA).

OK, so maybe SEC fandom isn't all about facts and logic and reason, but there is lots of beer-and-bourbon-fueled passion each week that no other conference can touch. Whatever team emerges in Atlanta in December will be more than equal to dismantling your Oklahoma or Ohio State or whatever weak team with a pansy schedule the World Wide Leader in Sports is pimping this season - see Lou Holtthzz' attempt to hype Notre Dame as title contenders, who responded with a loss to Michigan. (Actually ESPN has a big SEC contract and will be pimping the SEC all season.) SHUT UP, BRAIN, football season has nothing to do with you!

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