Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adventures in Pigskin Hyperbole

According to this lengthy profile of superhuman 6ft-7 Wolverine-turned-Hawg QB Ryan Mallett from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazzette, he throws a football faster than any major league pitcher throws a baseball - 115 mph. No word on whether he can throw the pigskin a quarter mile.

Color me skeptical, as the source seems to be one of Mallett's teammates:

"Ryan Mallett has the strongest arm in college football ," said All-SEC tight end D.J. Williams. "I've caught some balls that I had to take my gloves off because he ripped all the sticky stuff off of them." Williams said the Razorbacks have timed Mallett's throws at 115 mph with a Juggs gun.

What I imagine a Juggs gun looks like (mildly NSFW).


  1. Uncle Rico never would've even dreamed of throwing a football over those mountains if he hadn't heard of Ryan Mallett as a kid.

  2. I think that movie definitely could have used the addition of a Juggs Gun.