Monday, September 21, 2009

Trivia answers + questions

So, about my earlier remark, the answer to the trivia question "Who started at QB in Troy's first game as a Div. I team?", the answer is Hoover's own Brock Nutter. Good job to all who knew that one.

In honor of the big Alabama-N. Texas matchup this past weekend, I have another two trivia questions.

Eli Gold made mention of the first one, but here goes:

1) What are the 12 universities in Division I-A (I refuse to call them FBS) football whose nickname does not end in an -s? Bonus points for naming the mascot too.

2) By my count, there are 13 colleges and universities in Division I-AA (again, not FCS) that fall in this category as well. Bonus points for naming the mascot too. I'll give hints here:
  • Three of the schools are in the Ivy League
  • One school changed in 1999 from the Fighting Christians to their current nickname
  • Three of the schools (none of the previously mentioned ones) have the same nickname (that mascot is pictured in this post)
  • One of the teams plays Division I-A basketball

I'll be impressed if anyone can name several of them without looking.


  1. Don't know if non-contributors are allowed to answer. But here goes, without looking:

    Stanford (can't remember the mascot; Cardinal?)
    Tulane Green Wave
    Alabama Crimson Tide, obviously
    North Carolina Wolfpack
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    Illinois Fighting Illini (is that still their mascot, or have they given in to the PC movement?)

    Well, half isn't bad--if those are right. Thank you for the mental break. Back to work.

  2. I don't know what division they're in, but Delta State is a right answer with both their official mascot (Plainsmen) and their non-official mascot (Fightin Okra).

  3. Mrs. Power got a lot of the obvious ones, but there's also:

    1A: Bama's opponent last week, the N. Texas (not so) Mean Green, the Navy Midshipment, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, the Syracuse Orangemen and the other Wolfpack - Nevada. Still missing one.

    Ivies: the Harvard Crimson, the Dartmouth Big Green (formerly Indians) & the Cornell Big Red.

    Fightin Christians = Presbyterian Blue Hose?

    Bison: Bucknell and ???

    And there's no such thing as 1A basketball, it's all just Div. 1, but I bet you're referring to Coach Calipari's old squad, the U-Mass Minutemen.

  4. Mrs. Max Power,

    Good job with six, quite impressive. I doubt my wife could have named that many (actually, she attempted the challenge because I told her to make the Brocktoon name look good, and she got only one, and it wasn't even Alabama). Stanford is the Cardinal and Illinois hasn't caved yet to PC standards. It's actually NC State that is the Wolfpack


    You got five more...the one your missing has green as their school color, and one really good receiver in the NFL went to this school. Also, as I looked this up, Syracuse is now officially the Orange and not the Orangemen (this has been the case since 2004).

    Good catch on Delta State being the Statesmen instead of Plainsmen. Unfortunately, they are Division I-AA.

    Your I-AA Ivies are correct (I assumed they would be), and Bucknell is the Bison (as are two others). Presbyterian Blue Hose is one of them, but they weren't the Fighting Christians...that's a different school.

    Thanks for the correction on basketball. You were thinking of the correct one--UMass.

  5. Marshall Thundering Herd
    I know that Troy U now likes to be called the "Men of Troy", but don't think that counts.

  6. Here are the answers, sorry it took a while:

    Div. I-A:
    Alabama (Crimson Tide)
    Illinois (Fighting Illini)
    Marshall (Thundering Herd)
    Navy (Midshipmen)
    Nevada (Wolf Pack) - two words
    North Carolina State (Wolfpack) - one word
    North Texas (Mean Green)
    Notre Dame (Fighting Irish)
    Stanford (Cardinal)
    Syracuse (Orange) - was Orangemen until 2004
    Tulane (Green Wave)
    Tulsa (Golden Hurricane)

    Div. I-AA:
    Bucknell (Bison)
    Cornell (Big Red)
    Dartmouth (Big Green)
    Elon (Phoenix) - was Fighting Christians until 1999
    Harvard (Crimson)
    Hofstra (Pride)
    Howard (Bison)
    Massachusetts (Minutemen)
    North Dakota (Fighting Sioux)
    North Dakota State (Bison)
    Presbyterian (Blue Hose)
    St. Francis (PA) (Red Flash)
    William & Mary (Tribe)