Friday, September 25, 2009

No more cupcakes.

Substantively speaking, this week's preview of LSU at Mississippi State should look a lot like last week's preview: continue to develop Jordan Jefferson's game management abilities and deep passing game, work on Chavis' defensive scheme with live ammo and try to get a running back a 100-yard game before the SEC gauntlet really starts.

Mississippi State's defense hasn't congealed yet, so Coach Crowton has a chance to see who emerges as a premier running back (Keiland Williams is threatening to usurp Charles Scott's spotlight any weekend now) and to give Jordan Jefferson some more homerun shots that he likely won't have (unless he really needs them) against Georgia and Florida.

But it's still Mississippi State - the only SEC school who's football program celebrates, nay, memorializes, State Championships (any victory over Ole Miss, Southern Miss' protest notwithstanding). I don't think LSU has lost in Starkville since the Clinton Administration. Don't look for it to happen tomorrow morning, but I'm afraid the Bulldogs will manage to put a few more points on the board than they have against the Tigers in recent memory.


  1. Dick, is that a recent picture? If you lose any more weight, the tat is going to start looking distorted.