Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Briefing

Good morning!

To get your gameday started right, here's a handy compendium of this week's wit and wisdom. All the info you want, with none of the annoying Corso and Herbstreit you don't.

First up - previews:

Carter Slade on Bama and N. Texas
Dick C'est Bon on LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette
Chuck Visor on South Carolina and FAU
Max Power on Ole Miss and SE Louisiana
Herschel Talker on Georgia at Arkansas
Brocktoon on Auburn and West By God Virginia

And, while not technically one of our bloggers, here's Tuberville on Florida-Tennessee:

Now that you've seen all the previews, post your picks in the comments here.

Plus, don't miss:

- The Police Blotter
- Woody Widenhoffer on the State of Vandy football under Coach Johnson
- Brocktoon on the War Malzhans' victory over MSU
- A typical Bama Fan
- We try (and fail) to get excited for an ACC game and a ConfUSA-Sunbelt matchup
- And finally, our takes on scheduling both inter and intra conference

Enjoy! Open thread for your gametime musings and obscenities upcoming.

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