Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picks - Week 3

Every week I'll put up a post for us to pick that weekend's games against the spread. Post your picks in the comments section, along with a sentence explaining each pick. I'll keep up with everyone's record and post a leaderboard as we go through the season. I'll get us started.

Blue Grass Battle: Kentucky -13.5 vs. Louisville: I think Kentucky should win, but by 14? Why not? The Cards are on a skid. Pick: UK to cover.

Brunch game: Bama -38 vs. N. Texas: Bama couldn't cover against Fla Intl Airport, I doubt they'll run up the score on McElroy's old HS coach. Pick: Mean Green to beat the spread.

Unadulterated Hate: Tenn +29.5 at Fla: Fla beat Tenn by 24 last year in Knoxvegas without the extra motivation of Hello Kiffins' mouth writing checks his lack of talent and depth can't cash. Crompton is a turnover machine. Meyer has no soul. Pick: Fla covers, plus some.

Cupcake the first: LSU -27 vs. La-Lafayette: LSU has done nothing to impress yet, but La-La is, well, La-La. Pick: LSU to cover.

Cupcake the second: SCAR -20.5 vs. Fla Atl: Garcia looked good against UGA, but then again the UGA defense made Okie State look good, who turned around and lost to Houston. Pick: SCAR to cover (barely).

Cupcake the third: Ole Miss v. SE Louisiana (Div 1aa), no line: Comments re: LSU apply here as well. Hint: Pick Ole Miss and you will have at least one point on the leaderboard.

Cellar dwellers collide: Miss State +9 at Vandy: Read that again. Vandy is a 9 point favorite against an SEC foe. Jackie Sherrill is rolling over in his grave. I get that they're at home, but since when is Vanderbilt Stadium a tough place to play? Pick: Bulldogs plus the points.

Revenge?: Auburn -7.5 vs. West F'n Virginia: I see this game going one of 2 ways: (1) close game full of inconsistent play by both teams or (2) The War Malzhans score early and often. At Jordan-Hare and W. Va. has a new (but so far solid) QB, so I'll lean toward option 2. Pick: Auburn to cover.

Game of the week: Georgia at Arkansas (straight up): Some sites have Ark favored by a point or two, others UGA, so we're just going to pick this one straight up. Dawgs played pretty poor on the road (and pretty poor at home for that matter). Pick: Hogs in a barnburner.

Bonus game (since it piqued Brocktoon's interest): UAB + 6.5 at Troy: UAB beat Rice in impressive fashion, then lost as a heavy favorite to SMU. UAB's Webb is a good, dual-threat QB. This Troy team ain't your slightly older brother's Troy team. UAB not only covers, they win.


  1. My picks:

    Kentucky -13.5: Both teams have only played one game, but I'm going with the team that played a Div. I team, and blanked them, over the team that allowed 10 points to Indiana State. Isn't that where Larry Bird went after he was miserable at Indiana? I guess they're more of a basketball team (OK, not really).

    N. Texas +38: Ditto on your comments. Of course I'm 0/2 in Bama picks against the spread this season.

    Florida -29.5: Seriously, only 29.5. Urban Meyer's team has that at halftime. And yes, their halftime score will be 29.5 because they can perform miracles, yay. Can I get an amen from the congregation?

    La.-Lafayette +27: I'll probably get mocked for this pick, but LSU looks sluggish. I wish it was 28.5, but who's counting?

    S. Carolina -20.5: We are talking about the FAU Owls after all. Need I say more? Maybe S. Carolina gets the win they deserve this week.

    Ole Miss +0: I just like putting +0 so it looks like I was good at picking the game. No line makes it sound too easy.

    Miss. St. +9: Sorry Vandy fans, but I'm sure you're used to it by now.

    WVU +7.5: I think Auburn will win, but I also think this one will be close. See my previous post on lack of defense.

    Georgia +0: But for a different reason than Ole Miss +0. I don't know what Arkansas is capable of, but I think Georgia has enough talent on offense to bring home the win.

    UAB +6.5: Troy as a favorite is laughable. Bonus trivia question: Who started at QB in Troy's first game as a Div. I team? Answer later, but I know some of you know this.

    Count it as a perfect 10-0 for week 3 (1). Or count it as whatever I end up getting.

  2. Louisville--I heard Rick Pitino made reservations at his favorite restaurant for himself and the entire Kentuck O-Line. Advantage U of L.

    Bama-- I think N. Texas feels pretty good to see this line as low as it is. Bama will make them pay.

    Florida--it will hurt Tennessee much more to lose this one by 30 than it would hurt Florida to win it by only 20, but I still have to think Florida has been looking at the same bulletin board material since "Lois" Lane took the job in Tn.

    LSU-- The bengals have not looked so impressive to me thus far, but I have a feeling they right the ship this weekend.

    Carolina-- If we can get the offense to show up at the same game as the defense, then we should be all set. Maybe this is the weekend for that to happen.

    Ole Miss-- You just have to pick them here, so I did.

    Vandy-- My old friend, Bobby Johnson, is the best thing to happen to football in the whole state of Tennessee lately. He covers. Damn you Vandy for stealing him away from Furman.

    WV-- West Virginia, I think, is a little bit of a secret so far this year. Maybe they make this one closer than a two score game.

    UGA-- coming off the high point of their season last week escaping from the Gamecocks (I had to...sorry), UGA builds some SEC momentum here.

    UAB-- Troy thinks they are getting the Mountainbrook treatment this weekend, but UAB will have them know that Mountainbrook was kicked out of Birmingham, not the other way around.

  3. Kan-tucky v. Louisville: I don't know about Kentucky in this one. I expect something out of the early-90's "Bay of Pigs" (Green Bay v. Tampa Bay) affairs. Kentucky doesn't cover.

    Alabama v. the Not-So-Mean Green: Agree with the Lawya. Bama fails to cover, especially without the full offensive arsenal.

    Vols v. Corch Urban Myers: Hello Kiffin takes this one on the chin, unfortunately. Gators cover.

    LSU v. the Southeastern Louisiana State University Mud Dogs: Russell Shepard arrives and breaks a couple of big ones. LSU covers with 3 100-yard backs/receivers.

    Cocks v. Owls: Gamecocks do not cover, but that's ok with Garcia, as he and Schnellenberger become best of friends over cocktails (for Schnellenberger) and a keg of Keystone Light (for Garcia) in a Cock-a-boose after the game.

    Col. Reb v. SE Louisiana: Ole Miss ...

    Maroons v. Dores: Vandy is better than advertised and will open up a can on the Dawgs.

    Auburn v. WVU: Auburn is still making up the offensive arrearage dating back to last season. Auburn beats the 'Neers like a rented mule.

    UGA v. Arkansas: Arkansas wins at home - and is overrated come Monday.

    Troy v. UAB: I'd have more insight into picking the winner in Harvard-Holy Cross.

  4. Blue Grass Battle: Kentucky -13.5 vs. Louisville: Unless these schools are tipping off in a hoops game, I have a hard time being interested. BUT, I like UK to win, but not to cover. Look for a hard-fought, close game.

    Brunch game: Bama -38 vs. N. Texas: The Tide fail to cover their second cupcake in a row, looking ahead to October 10...

    Unadulterated Hate: Tenn +29.5 at Fla: The sexy pick is Florida to cover the spread which is almost as high as Monte Kiffin's age. But for some reason, I'm not buying it. UT covers, but still loses badly.

    Cupcake the first: LSU -27 vs. La-Lafayette: LSWho needs to run away this one early and as much as I would love to watch "The Hat" sweat this one out, the Tigahs win going away.

    Cupcake the second: SCAR -20.5 vs. Fla Atl: Hopefully, USC is looking ahead to next Thursday night and will come out flat. But, I doubt a Spurrier coached team overlooks very many opponents. The Cocks destroy FAU.

    Cupcake the third: Ole Miss v. SE Louisiana (Div 1aa), no line: Conventional wisdom says the Rebels don't even break a sweat. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back from their early open date and a serious bout with swine flu. Rebels win big!

    Cellar dwellers collide: Miss State +9 at Vandy: GO DORES! By the way, as much as I wish Jackie Sherrill were dead, he is not. But if he were, he would definitely be rolling over in his grave. Instead, he's probably trying to figure out how to castrate a Commodore to inspire the Bullies. State covers but loses in a squeaker.

    Revenge?: Auburn -7.5 vs. West F'n Virginia: Again, most people are picking the Plainsmen to cover and continue their offensive juggernaut. I see this as their first stumbling block, but still think they pull it out by 3.

    Game of the week: Georgia at Arkansas (straight up): UGA hasn't impressed yet, but I think Richt has them ready to go and the Dawgs finally put together a complete game. Look for Jawja to win this one.

    Bonus game (since it piqued Brocktoon's interest): UAB + 6.5 at Troy: Go Blazers! UAB wins big...