Friday, September 25, 2009

Signs of the Football Apocalypse

South Carolina beats a ranked team and now this:


1) Apparently that league does not have a play clock / enforce delay of game rules.

2) If this is the video Kanye was talking about, Taylor Swift is owed a BIG apology.

3) The receiver has to stop and wait on the ball. After all that, the QB still can't hit him in stride.

4) The kicker is a bit unconventional, but if he can split the uprights on a consistent basis, don't tell me you wouldn't take him over Leigh Tiffin.

1 comment:

  1. A few other thoughts...

    1. Offensive linemen have to be numbered between 50 and 79. Their guard was number 34 and their left tackle (according to the star wars sheet owning "ankle biter") is number 20-something.

    2. Apparently at that high school offensive linemen are allowed to get in a three point stance and then pick their hand back up off the ground. False Start???

    3. Can anyone who just performed that routine really call anyone else an ankle biter, unless its from carnal knowlege?