Sunday, September 20, 2009

Georgia 52 Arkansas 41

No. These teams don't play in the WAC. This is the SEC and despite this fact, the Dawgs have won back to back shoot-outs the last two weeks. I have suffered mild heart attacks because of these last two games (ok, maybe not but I could have) and have scared all of those around me. This team has played well on offense the last two weeks and if we had any semblance of a defense, we would be world beaters...It's the latter that has me very worried.

This was Arkansas. Year 2 of the Petrino high octane offense. Game 1 of Ryan Mallet as an SEC starter. This was not Missouri State and yet, Mallet had not trouble carving up our secondary like a Thanksgiving turkey. The kid has a cannon for an arm and he let it fly all night and he WILL play on Sundays. Sure, we stopped him on several occasions and at critical points in the game but my gosh, 400 plus yards and 5 TDs in his first SEC start...That is TERRIBLE D!!! Is he going to be a very good QB? Yes. But did it have to come one week after we made Stephen "Mexi-stache" Garcia look like Elway? Sure it did. It was quite simple really. Willie did change up his scheme. Not alot of soft zone. We did not execute in man or cover 2 the way we needed to with a great passing team. We did hold them to 77 yards on the ground so there's that...They really didn't care if they could run because they knew they could torch our D and did at will. Don't get me wrong. I am very happy that we won the game and I'm happy that we came from behind and showed a ton of tenacity. I just know that all of these 4 hour shootouts with games coming down to the last series will take their toll mentally and physically. I know it has for me and I didn't play a down these past two weeks.

The positives:

We once again played lights out on offense. Joe Cox. What can I say? I'm sorry for anything bad I said after the Okie State debacle. It had to be the flu because this kid, gimpy arm and all has played great the past two weeks. 5 tds of his own and a 72% completion ratio is one heck of a game. Now, take into account that this is just his 4th career start and he tied the school record for passing tds in a single game. My hat goes off to you sir. Bravo indeed!

AJ Green= STUD! The kid is fantastic and I am glad that we will have him for at least one more year. 137 yards and 2 tds receiving despite the fact that he was doubled all night is amazing. This wasn't the Steeler's defense we faced but those are SEC db's we were up against. Not only did he have a great game but he also opened up routes for Mike Moore (90 plus yards receiving), Tavarres King (60 plus and a td) Aaron White(td) Orson "Man child" Charles (70 plus and a touch) and makes all of the other guys just take their game to a new level. He will be a 1st rounder when he comes out after his junior year.

Richard Samuel had a fumble early on in the game on a simple toss play. I was down on him and so were you. I told him he could make it up to me(not that he owes me anything) by taking a long one to the house and he responded by going 80 yards like a man on a mission. Nice recovery Richard and his first 100 plus yard game.

Another outstanding game by Blair Walsh who hit both of his field goals and Drew Butler who has the best punting average in the nation at over 54 yards per attempt.

A very good game by the offense and I hope that we look like that each week yet manage to keep the other team from scoring at will.

Which brings me to the negatives:

I have pretty much covered these and I don't want to get all worked up again as I watched the game last night in anger for the most part, watched the replay today and have come to one conclusion. Our Defense has issues...As if you didn't know that already. It's not talent. Georgia leads all SEC teams with players on NFL rosters this season and has been close to tops for the last several years. We recruit in the top ten nationally year in year out since Richt has been here. There are several first rounders and many more that will go in the early rounds on this team. So what gives? MARTINEZ!!! The guy is a great Defensive back coach. He has put too many guys in the league to not give credit where it's due. I just don't know that he can handle the overall pressures and nuances of the position. The first year that Willie took over as DC we averaged giving up 16.4 points per game and last year ended up at 25.6 per game. I believe that was the worst in UGA football history. We are averaging 34 points a game surrendered after 3 games this season. That's not good by any stretch of the imagination. In his defense, we had alot of injuries last year on D and we have turned the ball over 9 times this season. This has resulted in 40 point given up off turnovers. That will get you BEATEN more often than not. These trends have to stop or we will lose several more games this year. Can we turn it around? I hope so but time will tell. If not, Willie has to go if we are going to compete for championships!

Next week, we face a revamped Arizona State team and I will have a preview at some point before the game. They will no doubt try and throw it all over the field even more so now after seeing Arky's success. I just hope we don't get in another shootout as my heart can't take much more stress...

Go Dawgs!

On a side note. By not going to the game this weekend I was able to watch a few of our opponents... Florida is not nearly as explosive on offense this year without Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy. I hope that continues. If UT had anything close to an offense, they could have won that game. Florida is beatable by a team with a good D and good O. Tennessee only had the D. We only have a good O at this point so until proven otherwise on the D, I'll defer on that bet at this point in the season...

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