Friday, September 18, 2009

LSU Tigers Week 3: Da Boibon Bowl

Expect more substantive previews when LSU opponents are more ... substantive ... than the Ragin' Cajuns, but Farmer Fran (and probably some of my distant relatives) are coming to Baton Rouge to play-a-the foozball with the Tigers.
Here's what I expect: Jordan Jefferson gets another vanilla warmup (and maybe one next week against Mississippi State) before the competitive part of the SEC West slate begins, so don't expect to see any more of the playbook than you did against Vandy.
LSU insists on establishing a vertical running game (hello, Charles Scott? Please pick up the purple courtesy phone in the end zone) for once this season.
The Cajuns beat Kansas State in Lafayette last weekend (remember when that would have been newsworthy?) but still allowed almost 200 rushing yards. As long as LSU doesn't return the favor like it did with Washington, the ground game and a fundamentally competent defense playing at Defcon 4 should be enough to give Russell Shepard a chance to build his confidence (and end up on the winning side of a Sports Center highlight this weekend) late in the game.
This game can be seen on The U at 7 pm EDT/6 pm CDT, unless you have Dish Network (like the C'est Bons). I'll be rooting against the rest of you guys appearing on the other members of the ESPN family ... and entertaining an outfit of Duke, UNC and Texas grads with Mrs. C'est Bon.

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