Friday, September 18, 2009

SELA Lions vs. Ole Miss Rebels

The Rebels had a VERY early bye week and thankfully were able to get all of their key players infected with the swine flu. Thank God! Okay, obviously I don't wish anyone to get infected with swine flu - except Jackie Sherrill and Ed Orgeron. But if the Rebels were going to be exposed to H1N1, better during their bye week than in 3 weeks when Alabama rolls into Oxford.

Gonna be honest with everyone here. I know nothing about SELA. But according to their website, they are now the 3rd largest public university in Louisiana. Not that anyone cares about the public universities in that God-forsaken state...

Ole Miss comes in to this game ranked higher than it has been ranked in nearly 40 years. I'm 31 years old - so fans my age have never seen expectations this high. Nerve racking? Yes. Unrealistic? Maybe. But the Rebels can live up to these expectations. Tim Brando (LSU homer and long known not to be a fan of Ole Miss) has stated for months that the last 40 years shouldn't be a marker for what this group of Rebels can accomplish. I agree.

Don't expect to see the full offensive gameplan or very much in the way of all Ole Miss can do on either side of the ball in this game. That's being kept close to the vest for the game in Columbia next Thursday and I imagine that most of the starters will be pulled by the half.

Rebels win big in what will likely be a rain-soaked tune-up for the Gamecocks.

Forward Rebels...

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