Monday, September 28, 2009

A Moral Loss?

So the Vols did not perform as well as I had hoped. I thought they would be energized after their moral victory at Florida last week but I was disappointed. On the CLK show Coach Kiffin noted that the team did not seem up for the game. Given the lack of urgency and some key injuries along with a suspension, the game was ugly.

The opening drive was promising with Tennessee scoring a TD for the first time this season on an opening possession; however, on the ensuing kickoff return TN gave up a TD. Then Crompton threw an INT that led to an Ohio TD. After this TN took control but never pulled away to a comfortable lead.

Offensively TN appeared to be working on the passing game in the first half. The blame can’t be placed solely on Crompton as he has several receivers drop the ball, but at other times he threw several very poor passes. Overall, it looks like the qb and receivers need to work on their chemistry. A near disaster happened when Crompton was hit and fumbled. Luckily, the Ohio defensive player picked up the ball out of bounds and negated a TD return. At any rate, we know we can run the ball but the passing game is still shaky.

The defense was riddled with injuries. The worst being middle linebacker Nick Reveiz who is likely out for the year with a knee injury. Denis Rogan’s suspension didn’t help the secondary as they were picked on for most of the game. Only five starters from the defense that played last week against Florida took the field. With this said, the defense held Ohio to only one offensive td.

Overall the game seemed like a scrimmage. The pass happy first half seemed to be preparing Crompton for the rest of the season, but I don’t know how much confidence was built in our passing game. In the end TN had to rely on a strong running game to finish the game. Hopefully more starters will be back this week for Auburn, and the team that showed up in the swamp ready to play returns after a week absence.

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