Friday, September 25, 2009

Gamecocks Win in Upset

Arrived back in Hoover about 6 hours ago from Columbia. And for the record I applaud South Carolina and Coach Spurrier on their impressive showing last night. The Gamecocks executed just enough to win and secure their first ever win over a top 5 team at home.

If readers recall, I (nor any Ole Miss fans I know) never felt like Ole Miss had earned their #4 ranking. I enjoyed seeing it and was proud of it, but also felt an anxiety and wariness because of it. I knew the reaction to the first loss would be swift, harsh and somewhat irrational. I get it. Ole Miss sucked last night. But the Rebels also are not nearly as bad as Gregg "Douchebag" Doyel would have you believe either. Even as I write this, I have given myself time to breathe and not overreact to Doyel and his pseudo-therapeutic article which is really his way of lashing out at his mommy and daddy for having the audacity for raising him in Oxford and around the University of Mississippi. Poor Gregg. But, I digress...

I believe that Ole Miss is still a very good team that can win any of the games left on its schedule. It starts October 3 in Nashville. I expect to see a much better prepared and focused team. The Rebels can still win the West and go to Atlanta. The offensive line play - especially the big sissy at left tackle -will have to improve (and develop a winning attitude - one that is not afraid of high expectations and high rankings), the offensive play-calling has to be better prepared and ready to adjust and the defense will have to get more and more dominant.

Just a few notes about the gameday atmosphere and a postgame thought:

South Carolina has a long way to go for its tailgating/gameday atmosphere outside the stadium to be comparable to that of Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Kentucky or several other SEC schools. My friends and I remarked how much it seemed like a C-USA type atmosphere (Memphis State came to mind). The stadium is in the middle of the fairgrounds and the surrounding area is sketchy at best. (Read: Glad my car wasn't broken into.) INSIDE the stadium, however, is another story. While recapping the trip to my wife, I emphasized to her that I have NEVER heard a louder, rowdier crowd than the one in Bryce-Williams last night. Not even in Tuscaloosa or Auburn. Simply amazing. And, I have to give major props to the Cockabooses. Very cool idea and if I were a wealthy alumnus of USC, I would definitely be partying on the train tracks.

As we were leaving the stadium, I asked one of my old college roommates who made the trip from Danville, KY if he was okay. He replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. I've seen us lose a game like this a thousand times before." What he said next was something we laughed about the rest of the night. He continued, "What I haven't seen before is a fanbase so excited about beating us!" I have to admit that is a good feeling. While Ole Miss has a long way to go to be considered a perennial contender, I think progress is being made.

By the way, if you're ever in the Columbia area and want to stop at a good bar and have a few, try Carolina Ale House or Liberty Tap Room. Both were excellent.

Hotty Toddy!


  1. Have to pass this one along: What's the difference between Brett Favre and Ole Miss?

    Favre will still be #4 tomorrow.

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