Friday, September 25, 2009

Wright about now

Right about now it’s time for the Tide to stop thinking about Ryan Mallett and focus on Jarius Wright. It would probably be a good idea for Alabama to go ahead and worry about Joe Adams and Greg Childs as well. Most likely you’ve never heard of any of these guys, but each one of these receivers is a big time playmaker and they’re helping Mallett put up some gaudy numbers.Petrino has done some excellent player development and recruiting at the receiver spot and the receiving corps definitely isn’t limited to these three. Don’t be shocked when Cobi Hamilton breaks out in a few weeks. Hamilton is Julio Jones or AJ Green, just younger and buried behind a ton of talent at the moment. Times have changed in the Ozarks and the Hogs have several dominate go-to guys and are stacked at the slot.
Expect an immediate impact from freshman Anthony Oden on the offensive line to help jump start the Hogs anemic running game. The younger brother of NBA player Greg Oden will start and split time with redshirt junior Ray Dominguez at left tackle spot this week, who has struggled in the first two games. Oden is a monster, but still extremely light and fast on his feet. Not since Shawn Andrews have the Razorbacks been this excited about an offensive lineman. In 2002, Andrews made his first appearance for the Razorbacks during the Alabama game and jumpstarted a flat rushing attack. Can we see a repeat?
The Hogs are loaded at running back with Smith, Green, Curtis, Johnson, Davis and Wingo but will any of these guys finally step up and play?
With or without a running game, the Hogs will score and score often. This game isn’t about the Arkansas Offense vs Alabama Defense; this game will be won or lost by either the Hog Defense or the Tide Offense. As shown by Utah and Florida last season, Alabama struggles against the pass and this will be Saban’s toughest passing test while in Tuscaloosa. Hogs win in a shootout.

***Friday afternoon – the over/under is at 58. Loaded up on the over, the combined score is going to be high!


  1. Looking forward to a great game... Good luck, Arnold.

  2. This article was a solid fail on multiple, multiple levels.