Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A (Un)Storied Rivalry

Is there an SEC rivalry more unstoried than Vanderbilt-Mississippi St.? I really can't think of any rivalry that even comes close, and, although I haven't looked up the stats, I'd even be willing to bet that Vanderbilt and Mississippi St. have two of the lowest (if not the two lowest) SEC winning percentages of all-time.

I attempted to write a preview/recap at least 5 times, but without fail everytime I started to write I would immediately fall asleep. The game was about as exciting as the rivalry: a 15-3 snoozer won by Miss. St. I didn't watch or listen partly because the game wasn't on TV, but mainly because I didn't want to fall into a coma. Vanderbilt was only able to muster 10 first downs on 157 total yards with 2 turnovers in a pathetic showing. Their only points came on a field goal following a Miss. St. fumble on their own 6 yard line. Look for Coach Bobby to switch up QBs next week, and go with Mackenzi Adams, as Vanderbilt tackles (or, more likely, doesn't) Rice, in a game matching two academically-inclined private schools in the south that play Division I ball.

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