Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why Ball State Doesn't Have A Chance

In honor of David Letterman's alma mater's trip to the Loveliest Village on the Plains, I present you with a top 10 list about Ball State, Auburn, the game, and one unrelated fact:

10. Ball State was good last year...last year.
9. Auburn was not good last year...last year.
8. Ball State is in Indiana, a basketball state, not a football state (yes, I know Notre Dame is in Indiana).
7. Both teams have identical records...well, they both have a 3 and a 0 in the record.
6. At least one building on Ball State's campus is named for Letterman.
5. Miss Lippy's car is green.
4. Paul Shaffer will not be suiting up for the Cardinals today.
3. Auburn has experience playing in a monsoon.
2. Despite last week's poor offensive performance, Auburn is still averaging 515 yards per game.

and the number 1 reason why Ball State Doesn't Have A Chance:

Prediction: Auburn 59, Ball State 10.

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