Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still not as bad as last year

image courtesy of Dan proctor - knoxnews.com

In all I have to give the Tennessee defense credit. They held Auburn to their lowest point total of the year and held them to field goals when there were ample opportunities for the game to become a blowout. If there were not as many 3 and outs, the defense would have been more rested and could have been better in the end, but as it is the offense did not execute in the passing game... again.

I am not happy with the offense at all. There still is a disconnect with Crompton and the receivers. Sure throwing a ball and hitting the occasional receiver in the head is bad, but dropping the ball multiple times is equally as bad. Hopefully more chemistry will be built as the the season progresses. One would hope that as badness gets removed ( Brandon Warren was dismissed from the team on Monday for acting like an idiot for most of the season), more consistency will be built.

As awful as the offense may seem. Apparently it isn't as bad as last year. The offense currently ranks 56 in total offense compared to 115 a year ago, and Montario Hardesty himself is rushing for about as many yards this year as last years team total. Here is a great article if you are looking for offensive optimism this year.

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