Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tennessee, casting about for any type of advantage in their upcoming game against the AP Poll's No. 1 team in the country, asked the Mighty Saban if they might please take advantage of the new USC-UCLA rule (which allows both teams to wear colored jerseys if the home team agrees) and wear their creamsickle orange jerseys at Bryant-Denny this Saturday.  Understanding that all Tiders know 2 things: (1) Tradishun and (2) The Bahr, UT pointed out that UT used to wear orange jerseys as the visiting team back when the Bahr coached.  The Vols' plea fell on deaf ears, as Bama's Jersey Nazi, noted scholar and Athletic Director Mal Moore, said he thinks visiting teams ought to wear visiting jerseys. Mal added that Mrs. Lane Kiffin can wear whatever she wants.
I am going to the game with Woody Widenhoffer and his parents.  The Widenhoffers are UT grads and will be pulling for the Vols, but Woody, despite being a Vandy grad, is a Bama fan and will be pulling for the Tide.  I am a fan of neither team but my initial inclination was to wear red since I am a Bama (law school) grad.  However, in honor of the jersey color controversy, I will wear whatever color (orange or crimson) gets the most votes in the comments to this post.


  1. Well your undergrad alma mater's color is also crimson. Why would you even consider wearing pumpkin?

  2. As if there was a choice involved...why would one consider soiling themselves by wearing a puke orange shirt? Go with the crimson!...uh, what's the deal with the blond?

  3. The "blonde" is Kayla Kiffin. And I'm not "considering" wearing pumpkin, I'm putting it up for a vote.

  4. Wear this. In orange.