Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where has this guy been all year?

Sorry for the late post but i had to watch the Lane Kiffin Show twice and a replay of the Tennessee vs Georgia game on Sports South to make sure i wasn't on a bad drug trip. If you missed it, Jonathan Crompton showed up to play on Saturday.

For most of the game, Georgia lined up to play the run. CLK designed some great bootlegs and play action to get JC away from pressure and actually hit receivers in the hands instead of the head. I was concerned that he would clam up and revert to his old ways when he threw an interception that was ran back for a touchdown in the third quarter, but he showed poise and led an answering drive after the INT. Tennessee never looked back after that and went on to rout Georgia.

You have to be happy for JC especially after all of the adversity that he has faced the past two years. I'm optimistic that the light bulb has gone off and he continues to play well, but his performance was against a questionable Georgia pass defense. For now I can only hope and be proud of the SEC offensive player of the week.


  1. Since we commented on Snead's picture below, I just have to say, doesn't Crompton look like he has to notify the neighbors every time he moves into a new neigborhood?

  2. Especially with the Chester Molestor stache he has going now...I had to hide the kids when he was on my TV screen, and I don't even have any kids! See below, if the link doesn't work, copy and paste