Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'll take the Tigers to win.

Found this out there by some LSU fan. Don't know if they realized that "irrelevance" was spelled incorrectly. You might say that was the joke, but I don't think so.

I agree with Dick that this game used to be THE matchup in the SEC west, with the winner going on to represent the west in the SEC championship game. Unfortunately for both teams, neither is living up to the hype. Auburn is looking like the team to beat in the west, and by that, I mean teams are looking to their matchup with Auburn as a win. LSU has had a couple of close games against Georgia and Mississippi State. With a combined 10-3 record, I'd expect more out of these teams.

I don't really understand the whole jersey controversy. LSU likes to wear the away jersey, and Auburn always wears their home jersey. Doesn't the home team get to pick? I don't really know what the rules are for jerseys, but this seems like two coaches trying to get a psychological advantage in the game.

I think this game takes a while to get going, and look for a lot of sputtering, a lot of wheels turning but going nowhere. If you're looking for a prediction, I think LSU ends up winning late (this would make the third game in a row), taking the game away from Auburn. Call it LSU 26, Auburn 20. I hope for Auburn's sake they can pull it out, though.

War Eagle!

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