Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jevan & Co. Take Down Petrino's Pigs

Final score: Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 17. But that score was closer than the game actually ever was as the much heralded Ole Miss offense finally lived up to some of the preseason hype last Saturday.

Arkansas fans made a huge showing in Oxford as they REALLY wanted to take the evil Houston Nutt down and strut through the Grove post-game telling all Rebel fans how terrible he is. Alas, they are left to wonder for another season and off-season about what might have been had they had the sense to keep him in Fayetteville.

Jevan Snead and the offensive line looked spectacular. Dexter McCluster was a man on a mission and received SEC Offensive Player of the Week for his efforts. Heck, he only had 36 less yards than all of Arkansas' offense! And speaking of retrospect, Ole Miss fans were left wondering what might have been had this offense shown up in Columbia in September or Oxford a few weeks ago. But, that's water under the bridge now. What Ole Miss can still do is win out. Do that and they assure themselves of probably the 3rd best record in the SEC.

First things first, though. The Auburn Tigers are up next and on a bad skid. And if you don't think Gus Malzahn has had this game circled since he was hired you're smoking something. There is still plenty of bad blood between Nutt and Malzahn for how things ended in Fayetteville and Gus will have plenty of tricks up his sleeves to try and embarrass his old coaching "buddies."

More on the Rebels and Plainsmen later in the week. For now though, enjoy the sound victory Rebels!

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