Friday, October 16, 2009

UAB at Ole Miss

UAB has always had an excellent program and I expect that they will come in to Oxford Saturday night giving Ole Miss their best shot.

The Blazers are a perennial contender in their conference and have always played the underdog role well.

Under Coach Andy Kennedy, the Rebels have improved significantly and are looking forward to another banner season. It's interesting that he would schedule his alma mater for an exhibition game in mid-October, but it should be a good game for both teams to prepare for the season. My dad worked at UAB for 26 years and I have such fond memories of going to basketball games with him. So this will be a particularly hard game for me as I pull for the Rebels against the Blazers.

What's that, you say? These two schools are playing in FOOTBALL? And Gene Bartow is no longer the head basketball coach?


Sorry about that.

Apparently, Ole Miss is playing UAB in a homecoming game that features one of the worst defenses in Division 1 and one of the worst offenses in the SEC. Should be a good day to go out and spend some time with the family and catch the score Sunday morning on

The Rebels do feature one of the SEC's best defense and enter this matchup as a 22 point favorite. From what I've read, UAB has an outstanding QB in Joe Webb but if you stop him, you stop the Blazer offense. This game comes at a good time for Ole Miss and their coaching staff and I look for them to rebound nicely and hopefully gain some momentum before entering the final stretch of the season.
Ole Miss can still finish strong and after stewing about the loss and contemplating giving up Rebel athletics (again), I do think the Rebels will look much better this Saturday.

Ole Miss 31, UAB 13.

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