Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Wildcats!: AU-UK Preview

But not the Wildcat offense...the Kentucky Wildcats (who, coincidentally, are one of the answers to last week's trivia question). Auburn, somewhat downtrodden after their waxing at Fayetteville, return to the plains to take on what shouldn't be, but will be, another test of the team's poise, game plan, want-to attitude, etc (6:30 pm Central, ESPNU). Auburn is looking for a bounce back, and a win will put them back in the top 25, maybe around 23 or 24, depending on their performance. I expect another close call for the Tigers, but there are a few things playing in their favor this week:

1) The game is back in Auburn. Auburn loves the home field advantage (who doesn't?), but they tend to play like a different team when it's in front of the fans, and this is not just this year, but several years in recent memory. This is probably one of the strongest advantages they have in this game.

2) The game is back in the night. Auburn looked like they were still asleep in last week's game, and seeing how the other five games were all played at night, with Auburn looking decent (I won't say "good"), Auburn will be up for this one.

3) Will Hartline play? Kentucky's QB was pulled in last week's game due to a sprained knee. I sprained my ankle once, and I had to miss league bowling one week, so I'm guessing that in football, a much more stressing and physical sport, a sprain could easily be reaggravated. On the flipside, bowling is one of the few sports you can participate in and do well while drinking beer.

I hope that last week's team doesn't show up again, and I think that a loss probably woke a lot of the team up to some of its problems. Unfortunately, though, this is the SEC, and no team can be overlooked. Expect a medium scoring effort for both teams, with Auburn returning to the W column in a tight one. Prediction: AU 34, UK 30.

War Eagle!

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