Monday, October 12, 2009

South Carolina 28 - Kentucky 26

First thing's first, Randall Cobb can play a big roll for any team in the country. That man almost single handedly brought Kentuck back, against the odds and in spite of all of their injuries to win or tie the game. A pass from Kentucky's backup quarterback aimed for Cobb would have tied it on a late 2 point conversion...would have if Cliff Matthews didn't get in the way.

But how did they get tho that point, you may ask. South Carolina got there by discovering another weapon in Alshon Jeffery, who had 3 touchdown receptions. Jeffery was described by the Ole Ball Coach this way: "those guys from Southern Cal don't come all the way across the country for just any ball player." That is Steve's form of high praise these days. One time Stephen Garcia threw toward Jeffery but put the ball a couple of yards outside of the sideline. When Garcia got back within earshot of Coach, he was told in no uncertain terms to just put the ball up and let the man make a play. Garcia did that...literally...on two of Jeffery's touchdowns later in the game. If the Cocks can keep him working with Tori Gurley and a healthy Wesley Saunders, then Garcia won't actually have to aim a pass for the rest of the season. Garcia, to his credit might have had the play of the game on a gritty scramble for a late first down that iced the game. Also, Chris Culliver had a very nice return game as he became the all time return yardage leader at USC. In my estimation, that record is more due to opportunities than numerous successful days like he had on Saturday.

Tailgating this weekend was different. Most of the food had to do with eggs and sausage. Many of the drinks started with Mi and ended with Mosa. And it was just barely afternoon when we had to pack up and head into Williams Brice. Then to top it all off I saw a whole bunch of Rupp Arena t-shirts. I'm not sure many of these fans knew we were there to play football. I can't say I was too intimidated by the 7 national championships or the fact that Nazr Mohammad used to play for the Wildcats. Maybe if rebounds and a 12 foot jump shot scored points in football, but I knew better than that.

Next up for USC is a date at Alabama. Rest well, Gamecocks.

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