Friday, October 2, 2009

USC v. SC State Bulldogs

Wooooooo! I am going to this University of South Carolina--South Carolina State concert tomorrow evening. The USC band will get the crowd warmed up as the opening act. Then the real show starts when the SC State Bulldog Band takes and shakes the field. I'm telling you, when those SC State drums and horns get going, and the dance moves start to make you groove, you know you are living right.
I also have it on good authority that there is a pretty decent chance that between the opening act and the main event a football game may just break out. It has happened before between these two bands, and I think it might happen again. So pay attention. And whatever you do, make sure you get your popcorn and your Coke during the USC band part of the night. You don't wanna miss that SC State rhythm section.

As for the football, it should not be close. However, after last week's post-game high (if you haven't heard, the Gamecocks beat Ole Miss in front of the legendary Ric Flair and a very loud Williams Brice Stadium), Steve Spurrier warned us that SC State should not be taken lightly. That being said, as a fan I expect to see an easy victory. You won't get me to admit that I am going to the game for anything other than the football ... even if the totally-awesome-greatest-sound-in-the-south-Bulldog-Band is going to be in the house on Saturday. Wooooooo!

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