Saturday, October 10, 2009

John Brantley Wins Heisman / Gameday Open Thread

The Downtown Athletic Club has awarded the 2009 Heisman Trophy to John Brantley. He is heavily hyped yet has accomplished nothing, just like this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner. Despite a deteriorating situation in Afghanistat, Iran on the verge of going nuclear, an unpopular health care plan and an economy so bad the Bama Band has been downgraded to the Five Hunded Thousand Dollar Band, and less than a year in office, Obama was the Norwegian's choice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Whether he's announced as the starter or not, Brantley will receive the Heisman in a pre-game ceremony at midfield at Tiger Stadium. Up next for Brantley? Negotiating the peaceful transfer of power in Tallahassee, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and replacing Joe Biden on the ticket in 2012.

In other SEC action, Georgia travels to Tennessee in what was once a relevant matchup. Today, the teams face off with neither ranked for the first time since 1937. Bama travels to Ole Miss and Auburn plays at Arkansas. Add to the Kentucky at South Carolina, Houston traveling to Mississippi State, and Vanderbilt at Army and this is easily the best day for watching SEC football yet this season.

I'll be at Carter Slade's place where, weather permitting, we're smoking 15 pork shoulders, setting up tents and TVs outside, and having all the fun of a tailgate without leaving the 205.

As the day unfolds, leave your reactions in the comments section.


  1. Does Auburn know that the game has started yet?

  2. That was probably the best analogy concerning the reasoning behind the decision making process of the Nobel Peace Award...with nominations due in February for the Award, what exactly had he done in a month or so to have such an award conferred upon him?...

  3. Can I change my pick from LSU to UF? Seems Tebow's going to play and LSU's win over UGA is a little less impressive now that UGA got blown out by Tennessee. Oh, and Auburn can't play during the day.

  4. I think Brantley has the skills and the talent around him to make another run at the National Championship and perhaps a Heisman trophy.