Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gameday Open Thread

Two sort-of Heisman hopefuls square off today in T-town with Mark Ingram carrying the ball for Bama and Eric Berry trting to stop him. Woody and I will be there live.

Plus, tiger-on-tiger action in the swawp tonight on the Deuce; the up-and-coming Hogs vs. the down-and-falling Rebels in the brunch game; Gators and Gamecocks on varying levels of upset alert (UF in Stark-vegas tonight; SC hosting Vandy); Kentucky looks to take a step toward bowl eligibilty vs. the Warhawks of La-Monroe; and the Bulldogs of Athens looking to avoid a defeat vs. Bye week. Quite a slate of SEC action.

Leave your thoughts, reactions, and suggested punishments for any referee incompetence in the comments below.


  1. Well, where do I a former Div I athlete, I'd have to question Berry's "amateur" status now, after appearing in this "rap?" video. First off, I know the dancers were hired as I've been to UT's campus and actually dated a girl from Oak Ridge (the secret city, Commish: what is this city known for?), and I know there aren't that many good looking women in all of Tennessee combined; so, given they paid the dancers and there's a "recording artist", I have to go with the side of logic to say that Berry was compensated in some way, thereby violating NCAA rules, and thus disqualifying him from the Heisman race.

    This guy sums up my feelings on UT and the color Orange,

    There are few things in life that I hate more than UT, for those of you who know me, I would put my hates in this order: 1)Firemen (or FireFighters, some may call them, yet they actually don't "fight" fires, they usually finish their dinner first, only after a nap, then go to the fire only to see the structure is fully engulfed, which then they say, "oh, this is too much, we'll have to let it burn itself out") 2)Tebow...let's see, which play should I run, draw play left or draw play right?, I get it, he's strong, but come on, it shouldn't take much to stop a draw play left or right 3)UT...I don't have the strength or enough time to express how much I hate them.

    Crompton will throw an interception by the second series, then at the half will be arrested for not updating his change of address, see the Commish's comment from Full Monte's post on 10-14-09.

    McElroy will hopefully come out of his JPW-like performance as of late and have a VT performance, Bama wins 31-10. I'll be at a wedding when the game kicks off, so hopefully I'll find a TV at the reception! Roll Tide!

  2. Ughh...Worst game Bama has played this season. The ending was emotionally uplifting, but it still sucked to watch the 4th quarter. And the 3rd quarter, as well as most of the second. All I got to say is that something has to give during the off week.