Saturday, October 10, 2009

Preview: Gamecocks v. Wildcats of Kentucky

This is a man known in Columbia as "Gamecock Jesus." He is at all football and basketball games if not all other athletic events. We know that Kentucky is adept at stoping Florida Jesus, also known as Tim Tebow. However, it seems like Karma has come back to punnish the Wildcats for such behavior. Word is 3 of their key producers are struggling with injuries. Couple that with a high noon(thirty) matchup in Williams Brice Stadium and you just have to like the Gamecocks' chances here.

Last week for the Cocks was a comfortable margin or victory against S.C. State. However, just looking at the final score wouldn't tell you the whole story. The first half was way too close. Close enough in fact, for one of the S.C. State fans about 20 feet from me to get kicked out for waiving a towel and yelling at the Gamecock fans that "Ya'll Sucks!" He must have said those two words about 25 times in a row before anyone paid him any attention. The attention he got paid, however, was from a police officer, who ushered him out without event. Lesson to be learned?...Don't let S.C. State hang around long enough to give their fans the idea that they can yell "Ya'll Sucks!" over and over.

Against Kentucky, we will open it up a little more. We have a pretty healthy squad. We have a quarterback who is starting to look like he finally gets it. The running backs are young and only getting better. Coach made a change to the running back depth chart that was long overdue. Eric Norwood is the leading tackler-for-loss in school history, and is looking to put some distance between himself and second place.

Hopefully, we won't look ahead to Alabama next week. Hopefully fall break and the 12:30 start won't make the stadium feel dead or tired or un-hype for this game. Perhaps the home field advantage won't be all that powerful this time around. One thing we know for sure though, is that Gamecock Jesus won't take the game off. Go Gamecocks.

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