Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where have all the Gamecocks gone?

Big game against Alabama on Saturday night. Huge game if the Gamecocks win. Seems like the only real pressure is the pressure to not get injured. However, apparently the pressure has gotten to a couple of key players this week. Starting offensive lineman, Heath Batchelor, has decided this week that football is not enjoyable. Jarvis Giles, a supremely talented 1st year running back has violated team and school policy for some undisclosed transgression related to academics. Seems we have student athletes at South Carolina and Giles thought we had athlete athletes.

As for the game, it happens to be homecoming weekend in Alabama. It happens to be a night game. Alabama leapfrogged Texas in the polls to hold down the #2 spot. South Carolina squeezed past Kentucky to move up to #22 from #25. As it stands now, the Gamecocks are the only ranked team that Florida will play until the SEC championship game. That's a sad commentary on the SEC and perhaps Florida and their typical late season non-conference rival (whoever they are...Hot Bobby!).

Will the Gamecock defense hold strong? Will Stephen Garcia continue his transformation? Will Alshon Jeffery remain the up and coming wide receiver the Ole Ball Coach keeps raving about (and by raving, I mean actually complimenting him in a very flat tone)? Will Kenny "I would run 500" Miles be able to shoulder the load at RB? My fear is that if the game is not going well, Coach will just try to conserve health for the upcoming games against some SEC East schools and winnable games against Arkansas and Clemson (or Clempson or Clemzin, or however those rednecks are saying it these days).

As always, Go Gamecocks!


  1. South Carolina doesn't have enough talent to compete with Bama. I don't see Garcia continuing his alleged "transformation" against the Tide defense...did Alshon think he was signing with the Trojans when he signed with USC?

    Chuck Visor, I do agree with your commentary on the pronunciation of Clemson...why can't they figure it out?

  2. I know there isn't an open thread, but just wanted to comment that I think Arkansas found Florida's weakness, the deep ball...also, CBS showed an interesting statistic, Florida's punt team: 0 punt return yards allowed this year so far...special teams could be huge in the Fla v Bama game in SEC Championship!!!!!!

  3. Carter Slade should change his name to carter slack. Where's the post about the Tide?!

    Please be sure to make some comment about the Refs giving the game to the gators.

    I think that I speak for all Bama fans when I say that it is really encouraging to see how much Florida struggles against mediocre teams. They have yet to put a dominant win on a good team. If things go the way they're going, their first challenge will come in the SEC championship, where their true weakness will be exposed for the world to see.