Monday, October 19, 2009

SEC Disrespect

The following statistic really highlights the disrespect the SEC receives from the national media. Below are the number of weeks---for a total of 13 weeks---different SEC teams have spent as the BCS #1 team in its 11 year existence. Note that this week is actually Florida's first week as a BCS #1 team, since they entered both of their national championship games as the #2 team and there is no BCS ranking after the game. I suspect all 5 of Alabama's weeks came last year. Anyway, 13 total weeks for the SEC as the BCS #1 team in over 11 years seems ridiculous for a conference that has won 5 of the 11 BCS national championships (and it could have been 6 if Auburn had gone to the title game in 2004), and is 5-0 in BCS championship games. I looked for the complete statistics on who has spent the most weeks at #1, but couldn't find them. I suspect multiple teams, at least USC and Ohio St., have spent more weeks at #1 than the entire SEC! What is even more ridiculous is that this disrespect continues....I heard Mike Lupica on the Sports Reporters on Sunday arguing that USC is still the best overall team despite its record on the strength of its wins at Ohio St. and Notre Dame.

Alabama 5
Tennessee 5
Florida 1

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