Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Excuses

What a great weekend! If you don't think about the game, that is. Alabama, once again, defeated Ole Miss in what was supposed to be a showdown of two of the SEC West's best teams. At least one of them showed up for the game...

But looking deeper, did Alabama beat Ole Miss? Or did Ole Miss beat Ole Miss? I have to be honest, I have rehashed what could have/should have happened so many times that I'm tired of thinking about it.

What is a shame is that Ole Miss' defense was incredible all day long and instead of people talking about their Herculean effort or the fact that they have only given up 5 TD's all season, all that people are talking about is how anemic, scared, or inept the Ole Miss offense is - in particular Jevan Snead.

What was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime season for Ole Miss fans has turned into a nightmare. The day after we got back from Oxford, I told Mrs. Power that the Rebels will never play in Atlanta - unless it is in the Peach, er, Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Oh well. On to UAB. Interesting to note the Rebels are 22 point favorites. Also of note on that line is that the Rebels have only scored 22 points or more in 1 of their last 3 games. Maybe Vegas expects the Rebel defense to score a couple of touchdowns.

Congrats to Alabama and on a personal note regarding the Tide's next game, GO GAMECOCKS!


  1. Welcome to Auburn 2008. Great D, No O. Until the fact that your D is on the field almost the entire game catches up to you, then your D starts to blow, too. I admit to looking a little bit forward to the Bama-SC showdown. I don't think SC will win, but there's a chance Bama plays a little flat and SC makes it exciting.

  2. South Carolina will not win vs Bama...usually SC plays Georgia hard every year, and typically lose, and they usually win 1 game vs Fla Ga or Tenn...I don't thik Garcia can handle the Bama D