Friday, October 2, 2009

This will be a close game

These teams have a history of playing each other close but I think Tennessee can pull this one out. Auburn does have a really good offense, but they have not met a defense this season as good as Tennessee's. Here are the rankings of the D's AU has played thus far:Louisiana Tech (100), Mississippi State (31), West Virginia (35), Ball State (104). Tn is currently 8th. Yes, TN did lose a great middle linebacker in Nick Reveiz, but we should have back 2-3 defensive starters that were missing last week.

Crompton seems to improve each week, and that is way different from last year. Plus, all the offensive woes do not rest on his shoulders. The receivers have been banged up most of the spring and are just now getting healthy. A few drops and wrong routes last week really hurt Crompton's stats, but per practce reports the passing game looked much improved last week. Crompton still won't be perfect, but CLK will call plays that will limit his mistakes aka Hardestey and Brown will get a lot of carrires.

In all this should be a very good and close game. I predict a TN win 24-21.

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