Friday, October 30, 2009

Auburn....what's left to say?

I know I didn't post a recap of last week's game against the Bayou Bengal Tigers, but that's because I didn't watch it (that's two weeks in a row where I found something more productive-working on my dissertation-than watching the Auburn Tigers go down in flames). I imagine the game went like this: Auburn completes a pass for 1 yard, then runs for 2, then punts on third, just to catch LSU off guard. Then LSU scores. Repeat ad nauseam.

Is this week's game going to be any different? Max Power thinks so, but I think it'll be another game that a team other than Auburn runs away with. At a 4.5 point line, I think you take Ole Miss on this one, and put a lot of money on it...that is, unless they decide to bench Chris Todd, then you just put about half of what you were going to bet on the game, but still on Ole Miss. Charles Hollis of The Birmingham News likes Ole Miss here too, by more than the spread. They came out like gangbusters against Arkansas, and that trend continues this week against highly-favored-turned-laughing-stock AU. I'm not saying I'm laughing, but I probably won't watch the game again either. Prediction: Ole Miss 34, Auburn 13. I hope I'm wrong again.

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  1. Looks like Georgia is going with a different version of the blackout...BLACK HELMETS!...we'll see how this works out for them.