Friday, October 9, 2009

Fourth Quarter Meltdown

Did anyone watch the fourth quarter Missouri meltdown? Neither did I (caught National Lampoon's European Vacation on the Travel Channel), but looking now, apparently there was some sort of implosion in Columbia last night. Missouri surrendered 27 points to Nebraska in the fourth to lose 27-12. I do like Nebraska's team this year and thought Missouri was overrated, but I was willing to see if they could put it all on the field. Apparently Missouri couldn't handle it, giving up two interceptions that left Nebraska with fields of 20 yards or less (if your service provider has access to ESPN360, watch the game here). I imagine Missouri will fall back out of the top 25 just two weeks after entering (and 1 bye week in between). Look to Nebraska to take the Big 12 North this year now as only Kansas stands in the way.


  1. I saw the meltdown. Gabbert was hurt and threw a interception late in the third that appeared to destroy his confidence. He then went on to throw one or two more, all of which set up touchdowns. The crazy thing was that Mizzou was rushing very it was raining hard. I was not all that impressed with Gabbert, but Nebraska does have a legit D and he is young.

  2. Nebraska's QB starting throwing picks like crazy. And Missouri started connecting on passes once the rain let up. Nebraska's real problem was they didn't put the game out of reach when they could have. They settled for a field goal on one redzone possession and missed a field goal on another.