Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trivia, Part 2: Tennessee vs. Auburn Pro Bowl Edition

I feel like "We're Going To Be Friends" by The White Stripes should be playing in the background of this picture.

SPOILER ALERT: Answers will be posted shortly in the comments, so don't look unless you want to know.

I was curious to see if Tennessee or Auburn had any former players who made last year's Pro Bowl (which I figured they both would), and it turns out that Tennessee has starters on both the AFC and NFC teams while Auburn has a starter on the NFC side and a reserve on the AFC side (at least one for both teams, but I didn't count them all up). That sparked a trivia question:

For how many starting players in last year's Pro Bowl can you name the college or university that he attended? To be honest, I only knew 12 of these. I'll give you the rosters:

Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
Thomas Jones (HB, Jets)
Le'Ron McClain (FB, Ravens)
Andre Johnson (WR, Texans)
Brandon Marshall (WR, Broncos)
Tony Gonzalez (TE, Chiefs)
Joe Thomas (T, Browns)
Jason Peters (T, Bills)
Alan Faneca (G, Jets)
Kris Dielman (G, Chargers)
Kevin Mawae (C, Titans)
Mario Williams (DE, Texans)
Dwight Freeney (DE, Colts)
Albert Haynesworth (DT, Titans)
Kris Jenkins (DT, Jets)
James Harrison (OLB, Steelers)
Joey Porter (OLB, Dolphins)
Ray Lewis (ILB, Ravens)
Nnamdi Asomugha (CB, Raiders)
Cortland Finnegan (CB, Titans)
Ed Reed (FS, Ravens)
Troy Polamalu (SS, Steelers)
Shane Lechler (P, Raiders)
Stephen Gostkowski (K, Patriots)
Leon Washington (KR, Jets)
Brendon Ayanbadejo (Special Teams, Ravens)

Kurt Warner (QB, Cardinals)
Adrian Peterson (HB, Vikings)
Mike Sellers (FB, Redskins)
Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals)
Anquan Boldin (WR, Cardinals)
Jason Witten (TE, Cowboys)
Jordan Gross (T, Panthers)
Walter Jones (T, Seahawks)
Steve Hutchinson (G, Vikings)
Chris Snee (G, Giants)
Andrew Gurode (C, Cowboys)
Julius Peppers (DE, Panthers)
Justin Tuck (DE, Giants)
Kevin Williams (DT, Vikings)
Jay Ratliff (DT, Cowboys)
DeMarcus Ware (OLB, Cowboys)
Lance Briggs (OLB, Bears)
Patrick Willis (ILB, 49ers)
Charles Woodson (CB, Packers)
Antoine Winfield (CB, Vikings)
Nick Collins (FS, Packers)
Adrian Wilson (SS, Cardinals)
Jeff Feagles (P, Giants)
John Carney (K, Giants)
Clifton Smith (KR, Buccaneers)
Sean Morey (Special Teams, Cardinals)

Good luck. Some of these are tough!


  1. AFC:
    Peyton Manning (QB, Colts) - Tennessee
    Thomas Jones (HB, Jets) - Virginia
    Le'Ron McClain (FB, Ravens) - Alabama
    Andre Johnson (WR, Texans) - Miami
    Brandon Marshall (WR, Broncos) - Central Florida
    Tony Gonzalez (TE, Chiefs) - California
    Joe Thomas (T, Browns) - Wisconsin
    Jason Peters (T, Bills) - Arkansas
    Alan Faneca (G, Jets) - LSU
    Kris Dielman (G, Chargers) - Indiana
    Kevin Mawae (C, Titans) - LSU
    Mario Williams (DE, Texans) - NC State
    Dwight Freeney (DE, Colts) - Syracuse
    Albert Haynesworth (DT, Titans) - Tennessee
    Kris Jenkins (DT, Jets) - Maryland
    James Harrison (OLB, Steelers) - Kent State
    Joey Porter (OLB, Dolphins) - Colorado State
    Ray Lewis (ILB, Ravens) - Miami
    Nnamdi Asomugha (CB, Raiders) - California
    Cortland Finnegan (CB, Titans) - Samford
    Ed Reed (FS, Ravens) - Miami
    Troy Polamalu (SS, Steelers) - USC
    Shane Lechler (P, Raiders) - Texas A&M
    Stephen Gostkowski (K, Patriots) - Memphis
    Leon Washington (KR, Jets) - Florida State
    Brendon Ayanbadejo (Special Teams, Ravens) - UCLA

    Kurt Warner (QB, Cardinals) - Northern Iowa
    Adrian Peterson (HB, Vikings) - Oklahoma
    Mike Sellers (FB, Redskins) - Walla Walla CC
    Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals) - Pittsburgh
    Anquan Boldin (WR, Cardinals) - Florida State
    Jason Witten (TE, Cowboys) - Tennessee
    Jordan Gross (T, Panthers) - Utah
    Walter Jones (T, Seahawks) - Florida State
    Steve Hutchinson (G, Vikings) - Michigan
    Chris Snee (G, Giants) - Boston College
    Andre Gurode (C, Cowboys) - Colorado
    Julius Peppers (DE, Panthers) - North Carolina
    Justin Tuck (DE, Giants) - Notre Dame
    Kevin Williams (DT, Vikings) - Oklahoma State
    Jay Ratliff (DT, Cowboys) - Auburn
    DeMarcus Ware (OLB, Cowboys) - Troy
    Lance Briggs (OLB, Bears) - Arizona
    Patrick Willis (ILB, 49ers) - Ole Miss
    Charles Woodson (CB, Packers) - Michigan
    Antoine Winfield (CB, Vikings) - Ohio State
    Nick Collins (FS, Packers) - Bethune-Cookman
    Adrian Wilson (SS, Cardinals) - NC State
    Jeff Feagles (P, Giants) - Miami
    John Carney (K, Giants) - Notre Dame
    Clifton Smith (KR, Buccaneers) - Fresno State
    Sean Morey (Special Teams, Cardinals) - Brown

  2. I knew Peyton and Leron McClain, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald and Julius Peppers. That's it. Pretty sad, really. I'm amazed at all the SEC players I did not know.

  3. I didn't know McClain, not sure why. The 12 I knew were:

    Peyton Manning, Thomas Jones, Albert Haynesworth, Troy Polamalu, Kurt Warner, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Jason Witten, Julius Peppers, Jay Ratliff, and Charles Woodson.

    Interesting to see that someone from Troy and someone from Samford(?) were in there.

  4. Yikes! Bring back the mascot trivia! I only knew 3 of these. (Manning, Peterson, and of course my hero Patrick Willis)

  5. What's Jake Delhomme doing in that picture?

  6. I guess Delhomme was a backup?

    I'll try to make the questions a little easier next time. I didn't figure there would be a lot of correct answers, but I thought it would be fun to see how many people could get.

  7. Mrs. Max Power,

    Answers to the last trivia question are up in the comments section of that post.