Friday, October 23, 2009

Picks - Week 8

Picks - Week 8

Our updated standings (last week, overall):

Chuck Visor: 5-2, 28-17

Brocktoon: 6-1, 23-22

Drake McHugh, Esq.: 4-3, 23-22

Max Power: 6-1, 22-14

Woody Widenhoefer: 4-3, 21-12

Carter Slade: 4-3, 17-17

Full Monte Kiffin: 5-2, 16-19

Dick C'est Bon: 0-0, 14-12

Arnold Porkzenegger: 0-0, 3-4

Herschel Talker: 0-0, 0-1

I tried mobile blogging from the blackberry this am from a CLE presentation at the Sheraton in downtown Bham, where word on the street is both Miley Cirus and KISS are staying. It didn't work. So here are my belated picks (typed on a blackberry while listening to presenters dicuss the 3 areas of the law doing well in the down economy: (1) employment law, (2) bankruptcy, and (3) something about tax credits and real estate development and govt housing that reminded me a little bit of the commercial paper lecture from bar review where about 1 hour into it I was like, "they're just talking about checks, right? commercial paper is just checks, right?"). Anyway, leave your picks in the comments:

Ark +5 @ Ole Miss - with all due respect to the Rebs' big win over, um, UAB, unless Arky is hung over from their near win against UF, I like piggies to win. And you're giving me 5 points! Soowee!

UT +16 @ Bama - don't get me wrong, I think bama wins here, but not by more than 16.

La-Monroe +16 @ UK - heck if I know. I picked UK to cover over Louisville and got burned. Plus La-Monroe beat Bama on 9/11, or something. I'll take the war hawks (ragin cajuns?) to cover.

Vandy +11.5 @ SC - this is tough. I don't like SC to beat anyone by 12, but I don't think this Vandy team is good at all. Against my better judgment, I'll take Vandy, cause nerds have to stick together.

UF -21.5 @ MSU - this line is way too big. Even if he could (which I doubt) would Urban really run up the score on Mullen? More cowbell.

AU +8 @ LSU - Easy call. Take the tigers. (Rimshot) If Todd plays better than last 2 weeks, Au has a chance. Reasons to believe Todd will play better against LSU D? (crickets) take the corndog scented tigers.

UGA +5 vs. BYE - kidding, kidding.

Bonus pick:

TCU @ BYU (straight up) - TCU to win.

Plus, my ACC always take the cold team over the hot team lock: take UVa plus the points at home against the Bees of Ga Tech.


  1. Ark +5 @ Ole Miss - I'll go with the hogs

    UT +16 @ Bama - The Vols are pissed that they can't wear the orange jerseys and take it out on the bammeroids in a huge upset

    La-Monroe +16 @ UK - UK wins and covers

    Vandy +11.5 @ SC - SC wins and covers

    UF -21.5 @ MSU - jorts win but dont cover (unless they get some more help from the refs)

    AU +8 @ LSU - LSU wins and covers

    UGA +5 vs. BYE - I'll take the bye...

    Bonus pick:

    TCU @ BYU (straight up) - I'll go with the Mormons

    Against my better judgment I'll go with georiga tech in the ACC crapshoot of the week

  2. Arkansas vs. Ole Miss: Arkansas wins!

    UT vs. Bama: Bama wins and covers.

    La-Monroe vs. UK: UK wins and covers.

    Vandy vs. SC: SC wins and covers.

    UF vs. Miss St.: UF wins and covers.

    Auburn vs. LSU: LSU wins but doesn't cover.

    TCU vs. BYU: BYU wins.

  3. My picks:

    Arkansas (+5): The Razorbacks proved last week that they are much better than their record. Ole Miss proved they are much worse.

    Alabama (-16): I'm not positive on this one, but Alabama covered against Ole Miss and I think Ole Miss may be better than Tennessee, but I wouldn't bet on it. At least I have no money riding on this one.

    Kentucky (-16): Louisiana-Monroe? Nope, not the Ragin' Cajuns...they're from Lafayette.

    South Carolina (-11.5): Vanderbilt and Auburn have gone the same route: worse than expected.

    Miss. St. (+21.5): If MSU scores a field goal, I'll probably get this one right the way Florida has been playing.

    Auburn (+8): Call me a sucker, but LSU isn't that good either. They could just as easily be 3-3.

    BYU (+0): This is a toss-up game, so I like BYU as the home team in this one.

  4. Ark +5 @ Ole Miss - No way UPIG recovers plus the Rebels always play well in the early game. Rebs win and cover.

    UT +16 @ Bama - Hmmm. It's tempting to take Bama and the points, but that's a pretty big spread in a rivalry game. I like the Tide to win, but not to cover.

    La-Monroe +16 @ UK - C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS! UK covers.

    Vandy +11.5 @ SC - Cocks cover. Hehehe.

    UF -21.5 @ MSU - Tebow and Co. win and cover.

    AU +8 @ LSU - Another tough one. Auburn still has a lot to prove and play for, but LSU had a week off and this one is at home and at night. Take the Bengal Tigers and the points.

    Bonus pick:

    TCU @ BYU (straight up) - Cougars win.

    UVA vs. GT - Yellow Jckets win.

  5. Ark +5 @ Ole Miss - Snead gets his act together, and the Miss D is too much for the Pigs. UM covers.

    UT +16 @ Bama - Hmmm. Bama wins but does not cover

    La-Monroe +16 @ UK - UK covers.

    Vandy +11.5 @ SC - USC beats the spread

    UF -21.5 @ MSU - Florida wins, but I don't think there is any way they cover a 21.5 spread against their former OC.

    AU +8 @ LSU - I don't see AU beating LSU in Red Stick at night. Taking the Tigers (Bengal) to cover.

    Bonus pick:

    TCU @ BYU (straight up) - TCU has a decent defense, but Mormons win.

    UVA vs. GT - Paul Johnson's crowd beats the team that lost to William and Mary or whatever crap football team it was...

  6. Ark +5 @ Ole Miss - For some reason I am always scared of Arkansas. Maybe its because they were able to take another state's name and but Ar in front of it and we all let them get away with it. ArKansas makes it closer than 5.

    UT +16 @ Bama - So Bama was a 17 point favorite last week against the #22 Gamecocks, won and moved into the #1 ranking on some polls. Now against UT, they are a 16 point favorite? Doesn't make sense to me. Bama Bigger than 16.

    La-Monroe +16 @ UK - Come on UK. You are in the SEC. You'd better win this one huge. UK.

    Vandy +11.5 @ SC - Even though I am a Gamecock fan, I want to give Vandy some love (mainly because of Bobby Johnson). However, this season they don't deserve any love. USC big.

    UF -21.5 @ MSU - I just saw a clip of MSU's coach and he was all Smiley McCheesie Von Gigglesburg. He obviosuly knows something I don't. MSU with the points.

    AU +8 @ LSU - LSU will eventually prove that they are as good as they think they are. They win this one bigger than 8.

    Bonus pick:

    TCU @ BYU (straight up) - I think the stormin mormons take this one.

    Ga Tech wins because a Ramblin Wreck is better than Virginia which is a bumbling wreck.

  7. Were we actually picking GT vs. Virginia? I'll let my yahoo pick of GT -5.5 do the talking.