Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Told Ya So

Auburn won. Big. But it could have been much different. (Thanks rogue, corrupt SEC officials.) There was no indisputable evidence and so many holding calls that weren't called against the Tigers, but magically were called against the Rebels.

But give Auburn credit. They played hard and were hungry for this one. I knew it was going to happen, but didn't want to say it - wish I wasn't typing it right now.

Stubborn coaching, plus a terrible quarterback that needs to be benched, plus poor OL play, plus tired defense, plus slow receivers = not the best season in over 40 years. The waiting continues. The death march goes on - on to Northern Arizona. Maybe the Rebels can defeat another FCS opponent.

Here's hoping the Rebels don't end up needing a win in Starkville to become bowl eligible...

On a related note, RB Rodney Scott deserves much praise and recognition for his heroic actions in possibly saving Auburn's Zac Etheridge from paralysis or death. Outstanding, Rodney!

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