Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chuck Visor's thoughts from Scranton, Pa

This short, all-purpose post is coming from my blackberry at the Gourdgeous (they have tons of pumpkins in the lobby) Hilton Garden Inn in the next-town-over from Scranton Pa. Here are the highlights:
My picks for the week, since I can't seem to post a comment on the picks post via the berry.
Ole Miss
Auburn (over my alma mater)
Notre Dame
Penn State

The South Carolina vs Arkansas game is and has been scary for me. Arky always plays us tough. We haven't played anyone tough in about a month. That's why my pick (for the 1st time this season) went against the Gamecocks. I am trying a little reverse psychology this week. I also know one thing for sure. If we fumble at all in the 1st quarter of this game, Spurier's head will explode. I am hoping for a Gamecocks win, but am guarded after watching their performances the last few weeks. Go Gamecocks.


  1. You are right, sir. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Very nice place to rent a Chevy Impala, go to a wedding, stay at a hotel with an afinity for gourds, and visit with friends. The guy at the sports bar gave me bad avice on picks against the spread for both games i asked him about though.

  2. One of the two times I drove to Boston from Bham we stayed in Wilkes-Barre.