Friday, November 13, 2009

Gators at the USC

Saturday at 3:30 is gametime. It is also Camo time. In honor of the troops, the Gamecocks will wear camo uniforms with the players' last names substituted out, in favor of words like service, honor, leadership, etc. There, of course is another added benefit that I am surprised South Carolina was able to set up. Just think about it...we will be able to put as many guys on the field as we want, and no one will be able to tell how many are out there. We can play 12 on 11, or hell even 15 on 11 if we have to. Florida will not be able to tell who to cover, who to block, or where we are running. All they will be able to see is the ball. I can't believe we didn't think about this in the past. Everyone already knows that Tennessee wears orange so they can go straight from the prison, to highway pickup, to the field without changing clothes. Now the Gamecocks can go from hunting to playing football without changing clothes. They gave us the formula, we just never decided to use it until now. For some reason the Gators incorporated orange, but never thought of the multi-faceted fashion possibilities available to them. For that reason look for the Gamecocks to sneak up on the gators, put together a strategic plan that makes Florida fight on more than one front, and use the art of war to bring the Florida civilization to its knees. Go Gamecocks!

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