Sunday, November 22, 2009

Local News breaks actual news, film at 11

This video of a local Louisiana newscast is funny mostly because of the treatment of the outcome of a college football game as near-apocalypse.  It's the most hyperbolic over-reaction to a loss since, well, you know.  You'd think the local news in a place raveged by Hurrican Katrina a few short years ago would have a slightly better sense of perspective.  This is Louisiana so, of course, you would be wrong.

I also like this video for pointing out that Les Miles' attempt at CYA in claiming he doesn't know who called for the spike is a little disingenuous given the video of him signaling to spike the ball.  Paraphrasing the dad from A Christmas Story, "That's real news, not like that politics glop."

Speaking of dads, an anecdote from my dad's trip to Oxford yesterday:

Setting - The Grove.

Female LSU fan: (mistaking my dad and his friend for Ole Miss fans) Tiiiger bait!!

My dad: Roll Tide!

Female LSU fan: F*** Nick Saban!

My dad's friend: You probably did.

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  1. As much as I'd love to pin this on Les (the clock-command, at least), I think it's clear that he's telling the offense to get down the field and onto the line of scrimmage. The ball ends up in an Ole Miss player's hands - which is precisely what happened after the 4th-and-26 conversion.