Friday, November 6, 2009

Saban Bowl III

Like Super Bowl III, Wrestlemania III, and Rocky III...errr, The third "Saban Bowl" has the potential to be one of the best battles of the year. If Bama wins, they clinch the West. If LSU wins, and wins the rest of their SEC games, Atlanta and another crack at Tebow's head is the prize. Alabama will be fired up for this game. Coach Saban has already made comments this week to this effect, and the crowd is sure to deliver. The Tide should be well-rested and have the offense clicking on all cylinders. Don't believe Saban's "throw caution to the wind" comments earlier this week. McElroy will throw down field more often, but only if Ingram and Richardson are successful running early.
LSU will likely respond with veteran RB Charles Scott, who looks like a possible future version of Mark Ingram. Scott will have a tough time running against the Bama D, however. Miles knows that Saban will throw the blitz book at his young QB, Jordan Jefferson, in an attempt to confuse him. Look for LSU to try a lot of quick passes and slant routes to pick up chunks of yardage wherever they can. This game may very well come down to the best defensive front seven. LSU has not done a good job of pressuring QB's all year. If they give McElroy time in the pocket (something McElroy has not had since the Arkansas game) he will make them pay. LSU's secondary is one of the best in the SEC, but McElroy can go through his reads and pick them apart. There is still no word on whether TE Colin Peek will be healthy for this match up. He will be the Tide's not-so-secret weapon on offense this game if available, and a guaranteed first down with each reception.

This should be an exciting game. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Bama drops this one at home, but I think the Tide will win 20-10.

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