Saturday, November 14, 2009

A House Divided

In anticipation of the 113th playing of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, a series began in 1892 and played continuously since 1944, I decided to do an email interview with two of my friends, Josh and Jennifer, one an Auburn grad and the other a Georgia grad, married since April, on what it's like to be "A House Divided."  The series is a close one, with Auburn leading 53-51-8.  As Brock noted on the podcast, the most plated rivalry in 1A is Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Go figure.

Drake: When did you find out that Josh/Jennifer was an Auburn/Georgia fan?

Josh: I don’t remember.

Jennifer: I can't really remember, I guess pretty soon after I met him.  I do remember seeing his license plate from Alabama and figured we would just be friends :)

Drake: How did you respond?

Josh: I thought, at least she’s not a uat fan.

Jennifer:   I was just glad it wasn't Florida or Tennessee.  Those would have been deal breakers. 

Drake: You don't have one of those "House Divided" car tags do you?

Josh: No, I told her that we could get one for her car, but mine would have AU. Funny thing about that though, we have a big laugh every time we see a house divided that is like UNC/Penn State “House Divided” or some other schools not in the same conference or even region of the country. Really?!? UNC and Penn State are big rivals now? That’s not a house divided. That’s cheer for one team in basketball season and the other in football season.

Jennifer: Absolutely not!  I don't want anything but GA on my car.

Drake: What years were you at AU/UGA?

Josh: 1994-1998.

Jennifer: 2003-2006.

Drake: What are some of your memories of the AU/UGA rivalry from those years?

Josh: I remember the awful tie that ended Auburn’s 20+ game unbeaten streak in 1994 and set us up for our loss to Bama the next week; and the horrible overtime loss in 1996 (which stood as the longest game in 1-A for years). We were up by 21 I think at the half and let them come back to tie it and take it into overtime. One of the worst games I’ve ever had to suffer through. Also if I recall both those games were night games in mid-November—very, very cold. Psychologists say that we humans are much more in tune with negative memories than positive ones, which along with my not taking the road trip to Athens, is probably why I remember little from the two away victories we had while I was in school.

Jennifer:  Not really any...  

Drake: Any other AU/UGA memories that stand out?

Josh: I went to the 2001 game in Athens and sat in the student section, when we upset UGA on their home field. That was a great feeling.

Jennifer: Our sweet mascot, UGA, jumping up to bite the mean Auburn player [Ed. Note: wide receiver Robert Baker; this was the 1996 OT game Josh referenced above.] AND the blackout from two years ago.  That was the first game we watched together and we were with his family.  I was very proud when we whooped them! 

Drake: Do you generally cheer for your spouse's alma mater? Is that difficult?

Josh: Yes. It was difficult at first because she wouldn’t cheer for AU. So I became a big Gator fan for a few weeks. That quickly cured her of her dislike for Auburn.

Jennifer: Yes, sometimes depending on who they are playing.  I try to at least not cheer against them out loud.

Drake: Have you been to any college football games together? How was that?

Josh: Yes, but not since we’ve been married, and no Auburn/UGA games yet. We’ve been to UGA vs UK, and AU vs Vandy. We cheered for each other’s team…for the most part.

Jennifer: Yes, but not GA/AU games YET!  It was fun b/c both times we were cheering for the same team. 

Drake: Will you watch the AU/UGA game together? Why or why not?

Josh: We’ve talked about it, but haven’t decided yet. I think with both teams having a somewhat disappointing season, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Maybe I’m just na├»ve though.

Jennifer: I think so although I have thought a lot about watching it separate to avoid an argument.  This game should be very interesting. 

Drake: Have you watched the game together in the past? How was that?

Josh: Yes, the last two years. It was awful because UGA won both times. Actually it was worse two years ago when AU was actually good and should have won the game. By the time the AU/UGA game came around last year, I had already written off the season, so it wasn’t so bad. That’s why I think it won’t be that bad this year. I know she’s already given up on her Bullpuppies for the season.

Jennifer: Yes, but thankfully UGA has won since we have been watching them together so its been easy for me.  Hopefully this year will be the same.

Drake: What will Sunday be like in your house if UGA wins?

Josh: Crying and Gnashing of teeth…pretty much like the Monty Python scene “Bring out your dead”

Jennifer: We will get up and go teach our Sunday school class and I will make lots of comments about the game and be fairly obnoxious.  All of our friends will also give him a hard time at church and it will be very fun...for me!

Drake: If AU wins?

Josh: Happiness and Joy…like Christmas morning, Thanksgiving Dinner, and New Year’s Eve all wrapped into one.

Jennifer:  I will be very disappointed for many reasons.  It will also depend on how the game goes. 

Drake: Any other thoughts on being a "House Divided"?

Josh: Don’t call yourself a “House Divided” if you went to Kansas and your wife went to Florida State, or the scorn of all the real “Houses Divided” will be upon you.

Jennifer: My main concern is when we have children.  I want my kids in red and black every weekend and I know Josh will want orange and blue.  Also, their bedrooms will most likely be very tacky.  I don't see either of us backing down on that.  Oh, and one more thing - GOOOOO DAWGS!! 

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  1. Drake, you live in a "house divided"...yet, for some reason I don't understand why. You have no real ties to Auburn, and actually attended Alabama and Mrs. McHugh is an Alabama fan (along with her whole family). Explanation?