Friday, November 6, 2009

Ole Miss Recap, Furman Preview

So, Auburn exceeded expectations last weekend, beating Ole Miss 33-20 and becoming bowl eligible again. I didn't see that coming, but Max Power certainly told us it would be close. I'm not sold on Auburn being "back", but if they can play better, we may beat Furman and Georgia, getting up to at least 8 wins (with Alabama looming in the distance). I didn't watch the game (again), but from what I've been told, Auburn got up after the injury that sent Zac Etheridge to the sideline for, probably, the rest of the season. Luckily, Etheridge will be OK and will be ready next season.

On to the Furman game...the Paladins come in with a 4-4 record, 3-3 in the Southern conference. The only things I really know:

1) That shirt is awesome! A bunch of kids at the school got them when they went on the college trips last year. I think that is hilarious!

2) At least one player on their team went to Hoover (safety Max Lerner, also from MTV's Two-A-Days).

Auburn should take this one easily as a tune-up for a night-and-day Georgia team. Prediction: Auburn 45, Furman 17.

War Eagle!


  1. Did you know? Brocktoon, I know you like trivia...Before being called the Paladins, Furman was called the Christian Knights...for you Auburn grads, that's, Furman University Christian Knights, further for you Auburn grads, F.U.C.K.

  2. Sugar Lumps,

    That would be pretty funny if true, which sounds questionable. I'm sure their motto would have been "Friendship. Unity. Caring. Kindness.", just like the SNL skit with Will Ferrell. "Friendship is most important, so I should be in the front."

  3. It may be legend, but I remember fondly Furman being know as the Christian knights, until recently when they definitively called themselves paladins. Their website doesn't mention being called Christian knights, but does mention a Paladin being a knight...interesting