Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween

Meant to post this yesterday.  Enjoy watching the slowest white boy you will ever see run a punt back for an 87-yard TD.  50 years ago, Heisman trophy winner Billy Cannon's Halloween run lifted No. 1 LSU over No. 3 Ole Miss 7-3.  Guess losing on Halloween is a bit of a tradition for the Rebels.  Interesting historical note: this was Ole Miss' only loss in 1959.  They met LSU again in the Sugar Bowl, beat them 21-0, and shared the national championship with Syracuse.  Oh yeah, and Billy Cannon later served 2 years in federal PMITA prison for being part of one of the top ten conterfeiting rings in U.S. history.

Nothing quite that colorful happened yesterday, if you don't count the wardrobes.  Tennessee served up more tricks than treats by beating South Carolina in festive black jerseys and orange pants.  And I'm not sure if Georgia's black helmets and black pants (c'mon, they're the sons a' bitches in SILVER britches!) were intended to recognize Halloween, or, like when they wore black jerseys against Alabama, to mark their own funeral. 

Halloween was a treat for UF, who, with more than a month to go until the SEC Championship game in Atlanta on December 5, punched its ticket.  Florida's win over Georgia gives the 'Dawgs 3 league losses (LSU, UT and UF); SC's loss to UT gives the 'Cocks 3 SEC losses (UGA, UA and UT).  The Vols already have 3 SEC losses (AU, UF and UA).  The Gators only have two league games left (Vandy and SCar), so even if they lost both, they'd still be in.  In case you're wondering, UK already has 4 league losses (UA, UF, SC and MSU) and Vandy is winless in league play (0-5).  Speaking of Vandy, their loss to Ga Tech puts them at 2-7 on the season and ensures that the Commodores will not be back-to-back bowling this year.

In the West, the title will likely be decided next week in Tuscaloosa between LSU and Alabama.  If Bama wins, they're in.  LSU will have two league losses (UF and UA) and even if Bama lost both its remaining SEC games (MSU and AU, so not likely) it would own the head-to-head tie-breaker over the Bayou Bengals.  Every other team in the West already has at least 3 SEC losses.  However, if LSU wins Saturday, they're in the driver's seat, as both The Tide and Tigers would have 1 SEC loss, and LSU would own the head-to-head tie-breaker.  Bama would have to hope LSU slips against either Ole Miss or Arkansas (not unreasonable) to sneak in to the Championship game.  Believe it or else, Auburn's win yesterday (which also got them bowl eligible at 6-3) puts them at 3rd in the West.  All 3 of Auburn's losses are against SEC foes.  Ole Miss and MSU also have 3 SEC losses each.  I know what you're thinking, it's possible to have some sort of crazy four-way SEC West tie. (It can't be 5-way because Ole Miss and MSU still have to play each other.)  Here's how.  Bama loses to LSU then drops its last two to MSU and AU, making them 5-3 in league play.  LSU wins against Bama, but then loses to Ole Miss and Arky, and the Tigers are also 5-3 in the SEC.  Auburn wins out (against UGA and Bama) so they're also 5-3 in the SEC.  Then, either Ole Miss (UT, LSU and MSU) or MSU (UA, UA, OM) wins out, and they're 5-3 too.  If you think you know who would play in ATL under that (admittedly very unlikely) scenario, show your math in the comments.

Also, enjoy this inteview of frequent King Football commenter Sugar Lumps:

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  1. Billy Cannon's Halloween run, wow that was a great one...wonder if he ever used that speed to run away from other inmates when he was jailed for the counterfeiting scheme!

    Thanks to Drake McHugh for posting the Bama hatred of Tennessee clip!