Friday, September 17, 2010

Tennessee vs Florida

Which UT team will show up for the Florida game? Will it be the team that gave Oregon all they could handle in the first half, or will it be the team that got manhandled during the second half? Honestly at this point I have no clue. The big thing this week will be the running game. The team in this series has won the majority of the previous matchups has had the most rushing yards. If Tauren Poole gets going anything can happen. Of course, Poole and Oku seem to be the biggest offensive threats so far this season so I am sure Florida will load the box and force Tennessee to throw.

Defensively Tennessee ran out of gas last week and the lack of depth really showed so if Tennessee’s offense isn’t productive this could be another nightmare. Florida isn’t without issues either. Brantley will be starting his first road game and the center to qb exchange could still be an issue in a hostile environment. It doesn’t help that one of the wideouts likes to make death threats and is no longer on the team.

Overall, Florida does not look as good as they did last year with Tebow but they still are talented. The deciding factor likely will be if Florida can find an identity on offense and if Tennessee decides to play all four quarters even if the score doesn’t go their way. Tennessee is a young team that will hopefully improve and cause some upsets later this year and although Florida is down this year, Tennessee has a very tough task at hand.

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