Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Police Blotter: Fear the Jorts

Florida receiver Chris Rainey was arrested and charged with a 3rd degree felony for "aggravated stalking" based on a text message he sent to a lady friend described by the AP as "the woman he dated on and off the last three years."  His crime, again per the AP:

Officer Jesse Bostick said the woman fell asleep and missed a call from Rainey. Rainey then went to her home, they talked and she told him to leave. According to Bostick, the woman got the text a short time later and called police.

The text message? "Time to die, Bitch!"  If I do not see Bama fans holding signs with those 4 words on them on October 2, um, well, I'll be disappointed at the missed opportunity.

Since Rainey is innocent until proven guilty, I'll assume that this text was not meant as a threat.  Maybe he meant "die" as a Shakespearean euphemism for orgasm.  He wasn't stalking, he was sexting!  Or maybe, like Sideshow Bob's "Die Bart die" tattoo, he was simply using the German definite article.  "Time to the, Bitch."  Gibberish, but non-threatening gibberish, lawya!

Apparently, Rainey's text was not the most threatening message the former-sometime-girlfriend received:

"I did not want to have him arrested," she said. "When the police came, I signed papers to not press any charges. I don't fear for my safety. ... People all over the country have been calling my cell phone. I'm not afraid of him. I'm more afraid of all the repercussions."

Dear Jorts-wearers:  It may not be the best idea to send threatening messages to a woman's cell phone right after one of your players was arrested for, well, the exact same thing.

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