Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review: First Football Saturday 2010

Mrs. Brock and I met Drake and Drake Jr., along with a few friends, at a local pub/eatery to watch football on this, the first day of college football season 2010. We did not attempt the eating challenge this time (4 lbs. of meat in the form of a mega burger--see picture to the right), but a good time was had by all. Both Auburn and Bama were playing on the big screens, although the Bama fans couldn't watch the game without sound, so we had to listen to that while watching the Auburn game. No big deal I guess.

Drake Jr. was easily the youngest person in this pub/eatery, and he was a livewire. He was carrying around his toy pistol, shooting at people. Then he got into the iPhone and its crazy blinking light app, making the iPhones "kiss", shaking the phones around, all of which was caught on video by Mrs. Brock. Drake Jr. also pretended to tell me stories in jibberish, and I pretended to make the iPhones disappear, which amazed him. Later, probably when he was tired of playing Leapster, Drake Jr. decided his new name was going to be Frank Peepee, which we later coined as his drinking name (a name he would use only while in bars). I suggested that the persona of Frank Peepee should speak in third person, which was funny to all at the table above 5 years old. Drake told Drake Jr. he should get ready to go, to which Drake Jr. replied "You have to say, 'Frank Peepee, you should get ready to go.'" Classic Frank Peepee.

Once we left, Drake Jr. decided he was no longer Frank Peepee since we weren't in the pub, but at our friends' house, Drake Jr. did not want any of the dogs to lick him, so I had to carry him in. He was yelling at one of the dogs to sit, which he did not immediately do, to which Drake Jr. said, "It is hard to be a teacher of dogs." Well spoken, Drake Jr.

Drake Jr. ate some Auburn cookies shaped like tigers which he enjoyed thoroughly. He was actually offered the tiger head or the butt, and he chose the butt (I knew Drake Jr. was a butt man). Later he told Drake he wanted ice cream also, but he was already pretty hopped up on cookies. Drake Jr. enjoyed shining the laser on the floor and making the dogs chase it. One of our friends wanted Drake Jr. to play with the dogs, so she held one of them up to him. Drake Jr. petted him, then pointed out that the dog had a penis. He then remarked two more times about the dog's genitalia, to which Drake said, "You can stop staring any time." Drake Jr. let the conversation go after a little while. He never really warmed up to the dogs either.

In all, football took a back seat to the antics of Drake Jr./Frank Peepee. Auburn won the game 52-26, but they did not cover, as I suspected they may not. However, as I mentioned earlier, the over/under of 58 points was easily achieved. I realized, though, that Drake Jr. is some good entertainment, and Frank Peepee even better. We may try to watch most of the games in some sort of pub in hopes of seeing some more of Frank Peepee.

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