Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Countdown to Gamecock Kickoff

As the Gamecocks try to focus on what may be their best chance to really make some noise in the SEC East in many years, unfortunately some of that focus has shifted from the football field to the Whitney Hotel. The reason for the shift of attention is simple: a few players shifted their residence to the Whitney over the summer. Any math major out there can tell you the housing allowance for players is not enough to support a permanent hotel room.
Anyways, on to the football field (which is a place that some of those players may not see for a while), Southern Mississippi has had this game circled on their schedule for months. So. Miss has been open about their belief that this season will start with a win. Meanwhile, there are nothing but question marks among the SEC East power programs. The Gamecocks, return their QB, top RBs and WRs, and even a few studs on the defensive side of the ball. Add onto that a freshman 5 star running back, who may make Lattimore a household name, and hopes are high.
ESPN says all of this may amount to a must win situation for The Visor. I don't buy all of that, but with Georgia waiting in the wings, a loss on national TV on Thursday would reverse all of the excitement that started with the Gamecock Baseball team's national championship run.
CB Stephon Gilmore is my pick for player of the game, and naturally, I pick the Gamecocks to start strong with a victory tonight in Columbia.


  1. I am/was a math major and will concur with the above remark regarding financing of hotel rooms by football players.

  2. I'm not familiar with this fine establishment. Is it near the Triple Crown?